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great work mate

Thank you!

I know the texture, very cool project misel. Wish you all the best and happy holidays :-)


dark and very impressive work.


nice work… good luck :)

great work mate best of luck


thanks Miseld…

Thank you Daniel

I am thinking about purchasing this theme. Is the stock footage with the people working out included?

BTW , awesome work!

Thanks, contact me via profile MSG i will send you link to publisher’s stock website.

Just send you email

All buyers Contact me via profile MSG i will send you link to publisher’s stock website if you need stock video

Hi,excellent work.Can anybody confirm if the video clips shown here are included or not please?I would like to buy…please let me know. thanks in advance

No video clips are not included in template

Hi,thanks for the reply.I have bought it.Can you tell me where from can I buy the videos or the similar footages..mine is a fitness project and I need similar videos.Thamks for your reply.

Hi, sorry for delay i just wake up :) Here is the link: http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=914

Is the music purchaseable without the template? Please point me in the direction of how to obtain it…

Hi, sure here is the link: http://audiojungle.net/item/epic-cinematic-style-intro/136686

Note to all buyers please read description before you ask questions for music, fonts, plugins etc…

you are a prophet

most excellent

oh~~Why is not fiamilier to CS5 …..............................i hate my upgration.

Who say that is not familiar with CS5 ? All my templates are CS4 CS5 compatibile

I am just getting to grips with CS3 and am having fun with some other templets, however i keep having error messages with video files I am trying to import. Id will buy this intro as its outstanding but any help with using my own video files would be appreciated, ‘thanks.

Try to convert your files in AVI or QuickTime Mov before you import files, probably your footage is in some non-standard video codec.


Where can i download the 8 effects ?

Effect: Bevel Alpha

Effect: Card Wipe

Effect: Curves

Effect: Emboss

Effect: Levels (Individual Controls)

Effect: Linear Wipe

Effect: Optical Flares

Effect: Ramp

You need to buy “Optical Flares Plug-in” – 124.95$ Presets only are 25$ but you can’t use them without plugin

for use your pre-render version i need to have .mov working…

so i’m looking how to add .mov extension in my after effect

You need QuickTime for playing .mov files

Featured Here: 20 After Effects Templates for Epic Cinematic Trailers

I hope this will help you increase your sales. You can share, tweet or like the post if you want :)

Thanks man

Great :) good luck :)