Discussion on DARK MATTERS: HauntedWorx Collection V1

Discussion on DARK MATTERS: HauntedWorx Collection V1

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Hello, I recently bought the item and wondered if it was compatible with final cut pro x

Hi Raydoo, so Dark matters template is for After Effects only. Now, the actual Elements will work inside Final Cut Pro X. But, the template itself and the final result you see in the preview is for After Effects only my friend! Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you!

Before you read it, I want to say that I know that you have all RAW and that you are really author. Why I write it: it’s because I think that it’s help you to protect your rights maybe more quick. So, I just finished to watch one (actually very bad) film and was shocked that they used this template. This is The Assent (2019), right at the end, before final titles. I remember your work, so I finded you so quick. So, while I write you, I see that another user write about youtube claim and googled this Azazil II, and see that this film explore your work too (but as first film titles, somewhere on first 5 minutes). So, I think, that both film compnaies broke your copyright. I mean, they use it under they names. They not write you as author at final titles. Not PHANTAZMA, nor Haunted Worx, nor Eric Latek. Thats why this user receive claim. Additionnaly problem is that another users re-upload this films and monetized it because film companies and film is low-budget, and this is where we are. They not protect their right on youtube and broke your rights. So sad to see that. I’m not sure that I help you. I mean, thats bad news and so on. But I really hope that you win. So, if I’m right and you really don’t know nothing about this films, thats information for you. If you’ll get some updates, it will be interesting for me. So, write any updates if you can.

Vitebsk! Thank you so much for the information. The Dark matters Theme has been a thorn in my side for several customers who have contacted me regarding the whole copyright issue they faced on youtube. Its only happened to 3 users. But that is 3 users it should not have happened too. Thankfully we are able to resolve the issue, but it is rather annoying when that happens. I can not thank you enough for contacting me about this. And please, always reach out if you find any updates or any other info regarding such matters. truly appreciate it my friend! Thank you so much!

Hi me and my partner bought this for a video but YouTube put a copyright claim saying that it will place ads to monetized this

Thank you so much my friend!!! I truly appreciate the kind words. And sorry you have to deal with such non sense. It’s very annoying to know you had to deal with that. But please keep me posted every step of the way. And if there is anything I can do to help, just say the word! I’ll do whatever I can! Thank you again!!!

Ok Good news, the claim has been lifted. I won in others words. I simply gave YouTube a link to this site and proof of that I bought the item. So the claim was lifted. Took a few days but were good :)

Ahhhh!!!! Thank you so much for this update! I truly appreciate it! I’m very, very happy to read this. So fantastic!!!! Thank you again my friend! And please, reach out if there is anything else you need.

why is it take so long to download?

Hi! So has the zip file downloaded?

yes, currently working on it.

Great! Please let me know if there is anything you need. Thank you so much

hello sir with all due respect i want to ask u what i just saw in the video that hands are coming out of wall and creepy shadows are moving all over the wall,......can we customize them according to our personal taste…..actually i am working on a horror short film so i just want some objects which i can place in my footage to make my surrounding even more creepy so plz tell me what what things i can take from your weopen and how i can use them…...thnxxx

Hi There! So, whatever you see in the Preview, does come with the project. It is for Adobe After Effects. So, you can modify the text or turn the floating elements on and off. But each shot in the preview is in the Adobe After Effects file. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

sir can i make hands coming out of the wall in my footage with the help of your weopen…...... i am giving u a link plz watch it, so u can better understand what i want….

Great Video! Love that one! So, no, you can not that effect with Dark Matters. You need to have your shot Camera Tracked in After Effects, Then Composite your Hand Elements precisely how you need. Although that is the same method I used in Dark matters, you have to use Dark Matter shots. If you want that effect with your own footage, its camera tracking your video footage with After Effects, and then design the floating elements inside your 3D space. Hope this helps!

find a Aztec regular font.

I can’t find it.

Hi! So you should have a txt file that has a link to download all the fonts used. For Aztec here is the font. Let me know if this helps. Thank you!

Amazing work! Will follow for future projects!

Thank you so much my friend!!!! I truly appreciate the kind words and support!

Hi, just received a copyright notice to my production using the template purchased from you. A person on youtube called MZ Media are claiming copyright over this item?? How can I challenge them?

Followed same process and got this at the weekend – Hi GoldingArtsMultimedi,

After reviewing your dispute, MZ Media has decided that their copyright claim is still valid.

Video title: oamaru haunting event one Includes: Visual content Claimed by: MZ Media

Youtube still blocking content!

Hi GoldingArts, this is ridiculous. So, they did the same thing to me last week. I have two channels. One Videohive, and another for my other works. I do not use youtube much these days, yet saw, the dispute yet again. So, my claim is that I own all RAW and original content. I’m not sure if you placed that you own all RAW and original content. Now this same company also tried this with my Super 8, as well as Grindhouse. They always back down after the first, in some cases, second attempt. Its so frustrating and annoying, and if youtube had a solid system, it would null and void these claims after the first time the dispute was settled. Try always claiming you own all RAW and original content.

ok. How do I do that now that they have claimed a second time?

Working with this awsome template is simply because all is well structured and easy with placeholder. I Would thank the author for his avaibility to help for minor adaptations. It was a real pleasure to improve my AE knowledge with this amazing work.

Thank you so much Xophe! Truly my pleasure! Always reach out if there is anything you need! Thank you again my friend!

Would this be editable in cs5 for a newbie…LOVE this and would just desire to change words and titles etc

Purchased…cause its so amazing…but cant figure out how to even upload…let alone use the editing….Looks like I threw my moola…..needed this edited asap…

Hey Todd, Thank you so muc! The good news is, it does work with CS5. So, inside the Dark Matters folder, you will see a CS5 version. I also broke up the project into individual Chapters. So, DM Chapter 1 Project, 2 Project…. You should have a account with Evato if you purchased. You can then download. Email me and I can run you through any help you need. Thanks!

Awesome Work!

When I try to Render Chapter 3 (CS6 on Mac) It comes up with a Rendering Error. Any ideas. It does the same thing if you try it through the Complete file with all the chapter together. Chapters 1 and 2 Render fine without errors. Any help?

Hey jazmunda! Thank you so much my friend! So, render issues can be tricky depending on the individuals computer, settings…etc. I’m pretty positive that the render issue would not be project related, rather, system or settings related to the Dark Matters project. Can you email me and we can run through a few steps to see what may be causing the problem? Happy to help!

-Hello, I just bought this template and even though I opened it with winzp I’m gettin this ERROR

“After Effects warning: Bad argument: index out of range Expression disabled”-

I'm dumb just figured it out lol  good work on that man!

Ah, glad you got to it. I assume it was you opened the wrong version? :) Please let me know if there is anything else you need my friend! And Thank you!

Oh, it gave me more than the heebie jeebies. >_< Haha! Fantastic work, Sir! Amazing effects, it’s obvious that you really put your heart into it!

Thank you so much YourTrack! Appreciate the compliment my friend!

No problem! Your videos are so cool! In fact, I think I have something here that would also fit your style for this video:

I have a bunch of others that I really think you’d be interested in as well. Please do check them out! If you could use them for one of your future videos, that would be awesome! :D Thanks and more power!

Thank you so much MarcJovani! Killer work my friend!!!

I enjoy your haunted stuff:) Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! Truly appreciate the kind words my friend!

Beautiful work,Great Scary! :)

Thank you so much kvancho!

Sir. The project is Epic :D I cnt use it since my laptop is x32bit and i know the project wont work in CS4 but i am in love with your project . Good work :D

Thank you so much ViralAnimationz! Truly appreciate the compliment my friend! Yeah, unfortunately the project would be a bit too heavy for CS4. Thanks again for the comments!

Beautiful work… fantastique!

I have sent you a PM via your profile and asked if you would interested in a commission related to this work.

Please let me know if the message was received. Cheers.


Hi Karl, Thank you so much my friend! I’m so sorry. I just saw this message, and never saw any email. Feel free to contact me. Thanks again!

Thank you so much ebunny!

I think this will be great for my community. Spectacular work!

Hi daedalis, Thank you so much! Truly appreciate that my friend!


Absolutely SPECTACULAR Work…

Q: Having an issue I hope you can help me with – when I use the Drag & Drop Video Placeholders & make it a 3D layer, on some Comps (specifically Comp 25), the Placeholder turns Black, you cannot see the video placed inside the Placeholder;

tried all Blending Modes but nothing works, just some Modes turns the Black semi-transparent – making the Comp back to 2D, then you can see the video in the Placeholder fine;

so far, i’m not seeing this issue with other Comps, the Placeholders work fine in them;

please help :( appreciate your assistance…

Peace, Love, & Success


Hey Bud, just emailed you my friend. I wasn’t sure which project based on the email, but of course I do now. :) Let me see what is happening for you. Always happy to help.


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