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Great opener! :) Welcome to the hive! :D

Great! Welcome!

Hvala brt ;)

Great start :) Sretno na VH-u :)


Hi there.

Congrats for this opener, it looks pretty cool.

Let me just say, I bought it, downloaded it but when I opened it, the file didn’t work, showing and impressive list of error for every property of every cam in every scene.

Errors such as:

Warning – The “effect” class doesn’t have a property or method called “Angle”.

Could you please help me out?

Thank You Greetings.

What version of After Effects do you use?

I use the CS 5 for Mac OSX version, the 10.0.0.

Are there any compatibility issues?

Thanks Greetings

This project is only for CS4 :S

I’ve installed the CS4 but it still shows the same errors, seems like I have to install the CC Light Sweep Effect. It deactivates all the expressions and everything gets f**d up badly


Can you confirm 100% that No plugins needed ?? I was reading icsadv’s problems and dont want to waste time on problems this weekend.

The preview video looks really great! Thanks :-)

I worked on windows 7 and Adobe After Effects CS4 . He has MAC OS ,perhaps that is the problem… :S

Did you use any 3D programs to do the 3D text?

Ofc not. Only After Effects CS4 ;)

WOW , I have no idea how that text can be done like that…

Its 3d extruded text done with shatter effect that comes with after effects . :)

Congratulations for this project I opened the file and did not work. He shows me a list of errors for each scene properties.

Errors such as: Warning – The “effect” class doesn’t have a property or method called “Angle”.



Hello. Please contact me : wisher.pro@gmail.com to resolve the problem ;)

Thank you. appreciate it.

Very quick and simple to customize. Love it – thanks for creating this.