Discussion on Dark Extrusion

Discussion on Dark Extrusion

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Great item, I’m just having an issue removing that website URL.

I replaced the logo and the subtitle but it still shows up !

After changing the text for the subtitle, the original subtitle (which is the website URL) remains behind the new subtitle in white text.

I got no AE errors when running it in after effects CS6.

please catch some screen shot about your issue to me!

Could you please help me with error: When I open project it is written “This project must be converted from version 9.0 (Windows)” etc.. That’s not a problem, but after that I get another message: “The project contains 2 refferences to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these refferences. (“CC Light Burst 2.5”)”.

I have AfterEffects CS5.5

CycoreFX should be added there by Adobe, but your project still wants CC Light Burst 2.5… please help me =\

did you use professional edition of AE?

Everything ok now, thx. I just installed all CycoreFX manually


how do I change glow edge color, i looked in cc but cant see where to change it

Hi,i have a question, is normal to take 24 hours to render?

I have a pc dual core processor with 8 gb ram, maybe is for that? or I need more resources for my pc?

Last question: What is the best format option (render settings) to render for web video? Take Care, excellent footage :D

hi I have Quad-core +8G ram about 3 hours in PC! you should choose quicktime format with h264 compression!

hello, where can I find the plugin CC Light Burst 2.5? Federico

hi! please install full version of after effect! (professional edition) or check here

Hello, does anybody have a list of software this file will work with please? (Im new to digital life)

HI just after effect!

Excellent work!! ;)

how can I change the glow edge color?

I get the error that my file is missing 192 needed items to render. (I’ve only changed the logo that’s it) Then it attempts to render, but takes forever! I’m using a MAC 2.2 ghz processer i7 with 8gb memory with AMD Radeon 512mb graphics card. I’ve used many templates, but I’ve never come across this before. Any help would be appreciated..thanks.

hi check your email!

How do i change the glow color?

check out here (7 days only)

The link to the change glow color does not work anymore. How do i set another color?


please edit with English version AE!

Hi there!

I’d like to join everyone in saying that this is a great project. I’m also one of the people who would like to know how to change that red glow. I’ve seen that many have asked about this but all the links that have been shared are no longer active. Is it possible to publish a new link that wouldn’t expire after 7 days (I think future commentators would appreciate this).

Thanks! Dovi

OK I’ll do it right now
thanks to let me know that!

how to change glow color please check it out below color

How can I change the glow edge color on the tagline??

Many Thanks

Hi Zhenjueyimen, How do I change the colour of the glow on the Tagline not the logo?

Many Thanks,

Perfect! thanks Zhenjueyimen :)

You have got a good idea to make that :-) It’s dark but not to much, good !

I really like this stinger! I wanted to lighten the sub text for the www address, but even after I lightened the text, it shows up the same. Any hints? Thanks!

Never mind, got it!