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Wonderful work andre! :) I like your style :)

Thanks NeuronFX, you’re always so supportive! I like your support my friend ;)

An amazing opener! Superbly done!

Thanks Wayman!

great project dude!

amazing project!

Great work, Andre!

followed you! =)

Beautifully done mate, like it! :)
Best wishes!

Fantastic! Great work here my friend!

That’s cool !

Thanks ideastools :)

Amazing Opener Andre !

This is a gorgeous template! Great work on the visuals!

That said, it’s also probably the slowest project I’ve ever used, including some that included full 3D scenes. As is, I have to wait at least 60-90 seconds or more to see a single frame preview of any changes that I make, which is frankly unacceptable, especially on a top spec rig like the one I’m using.

I’m not sure exactly why this one is so slow, but you might want to go back and optimize it for speed. This is a great project, but it’s not quite ready for primetime yet.

Hi thinkingeagle,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I’m assuming you’re trying to preview at FULL resolution… in this case this is normal (see below).

I just tested it on my workstation and it works very quickly at 1/4 resolution with less than 3 seconds per frame. I’d recommend doing the previews at 1/2 resolution which takes less than 10 seconds per frame. The full resolution render takes longer since there are many layers and resource intensive effects like the cartoon effect and motion blur etc… and especially since the resolution is 1920×1080.

The 3D pencils are designed in AE using 3D solids so that you can modify the camera angles and make any other changes. I made this choice so that users could have the most freedom without having to use “baked” pre-renders or expensive 3rd party plugins… this is what makes it a bit slow. It’s a trade-off I chose but in your case it looks like speed is a bigger priority.

Thanks for your purchase and feedback, I really appreciate it. I’ll look into optimizing it for speed like you suggested – perhaps I can include a pre-rendered version with less options for quick renders.

All the best,

Thanks for the quick response!

I think that if you were to pre-render the BG elements in different layers instead of applying them as effects that can be toggled on a single layer, that would go a long way towards making the project preview faster. You could do this using pre-comps with the different elements, and I think that would help a lot.