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I’m new at all this, and I’m getting an error when I try to view the .mov file that says “the required compressor could not be found” ... any suggestions?

thats really weird…ummm a few questions…what software package are you trying to use the video in? And do you have the most up to date version of quicktime?

I compressed this file with the h.264 codec, its a pretty advanced codec that allows great quality with a low file size. Its the format they now use on all commercial blu-ray discs sold. Shoot me an email with your software package, and try to download the latest quicktime, it will auto install the codec with it. That may help you.

I would have emailed you my response but since you are not an author you dont have a contact form on your profile :) Just send me an email through my profile, or directly at xdozex (just remove the spaces before and after the )

Ok the form messed up my email xdozex(at)

Recieved, your email. Sorry, did not know that you can’t see, how is client uns how is not bevor writing a comment. Excuse my bad english. Thank you. minihase

Love the Curtains.

I have need for different colors. Since you offer, would you mind sending me what I need to add Dark Green, Regular Green or somewhat light, Orange (maroon type), pink.

Please explain in detail how to implement the colors and how to put this into a background on a flash page.

I know it is asking a lot and your time is valuable, but my flash knowledge is limited. Ok, well, I basically have none and I am trying to learn as I have purchased a number of items here and need to try to get them to work together.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

Is soooooooooo hot! I love this file – You rock man! – x

Thank you for the new colors. It was just what I was looking for. The extra 5 multi colored are awesome as well. What a great surprise!

Q. Where does one learn to overlay a their own color? I don’t need it at this time, but since it comes with the package now, I might just want to learn how to do it. =)

Your welcome! And I hope you enjoyed the surprise videos!

As far as overlaying you own colors, you will need an editing program to do this…but if you have something like After Effects its very simple. Pretty much drop the base video in and then create a “solid” layer above the base, and make the solid layer the color you want, and then play around with the blending options and transparency on the solid layer to achieve desired results.