Cube Titles Toolkit

Cube Titles Toolkit

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One day, I played with my little daughter “Cubes game” where you can construct a words from the letters. I thought it would be a cool Titles.

Here the idea of the “Cube Titles Toolkit” was born.

My friend Sasha helped me to deal with this project.

We had to make 8 cubes. They must be transparent, with customized pattern and the text as well. Also, with customized width for each Cube. With easy to change the color options. They should not be transparent for each other, but at the same time they should be transparent on a background.

When all this was done I thought that’s not just a Toolkit it’s an awesome exercise for Creativity.

Collecting of your own titles is really Fun! It’s very difficult to break away from The Game. You can come up with a lot of bizarre shapes. It’s pretty cool.

“Cube Titles Toolkit” is very well to develop your imagination and creativity.

I discovered this project for my daughter and shows how to collect the Titles. Now it’s her favorite game. She writes letters, change color, change the pattern, making small cubes, cubes long, builds an incredible design.

I think “Cube Titles Toolkit” for each and everyone. It’s something amazing. It’s fun and easy.

  • 12 ready to use designs of titles / lower thirds;
  • You can write a text of any length. Cube expanded with a slider;
  • Change The Color in a single click;
  • You can change the pattern in one click;
  • Includes 4 animated patterns;
  • You can build your own cool designs. Just drag the blocks across the screen;
  • No plug-ins required;
  • All customizing in one click;
  • FULL HD resolution (1920 × 1080);
  • Compatible with After Effects CS6;
  • Help File (Video tutorial) included.

    MATERIALS USED: AUDIO: Feel the Freedom by Akoahi only in preview FONT: Ailerons Font

    VIDEO only in preview:

    Official Launch SAINT GERMAIN Francisco van Benthum – Fall / Winter ‘12/’13 ONE MINUTE: SYLVIA ONE MINUTE: LEE STUART ILLUMINATI AMS (Music Act)

    Thanks to alexandersaunki

    If you need help with this item, feel free to contact me through my profile page.

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