Crossword Blocks / Animated Typeface

Crossword Blocks / Animated Typeface

Make cool 3d texts and crossword puzzles with this animated typeface.
Create lower thirds, banners, mahjong games or marketing puzzles.

The blocks are in 3 directions:
+ Upwards // Slanted
+ Downwards \\ Slanted
+ Straight || Up

A video tutorial is included which you can find Here on Youtube

If you are interested in a custom puzzle, please email me through my profile, we can work out a deal.

ideas for puzzles:
1. Team, Idea, Meeting, Brainstorm, Solution
2. Assistance, Support, Service, Advice, Help, Consultant
3. Doctor, Patient, Team
4. Business, Success, Marketing, Sale, Finance, Commerce
5. Psychology, Disorder, Stress, Phobic, Therapy
6. Consultant, Client, Support, Advice, Assistance, Contact, Help, Service
7. Internet, Connect, Social, Media, Networking, Blogging, Social
8. Success, Vision, Idea, Company, Management, Team
9. Leadership, Communication, Creative, Concepts, Ideas, Vision, Success
10. Support, Service, Client, Advice, Care, Help

Audio not included but can be bought here: Puzzles by ArtofSoul