Creative Person Cheerful Self Promo

Creative Person Cheerful Self Promo

With this fun, light hearted portfolio surround you can present yourself and your creative work in a cheerful yet professional guise. Male or female, designer, animator, from anywhere in the world, take advantage of this fantastically editable template :

  • Change your gender with a click
  • Change your skin, hair and clothing colours with a click
  • All the text is completely editable
  • Quickly import your own amazing showreel or animated portfolio
  • Contains an editable, animated business card composition
  • High definition 1080p
  • No plugins required

The After Effects project file has colour coded, markered layers which point you in the right direction when trying to edit the significant elements.

Fonts used in the preview :

If you like the fonts used in the preview video you’ll need to have Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold and Eraser Dust (used in one composition only) installed on your machine.

You can purchase Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold here :

Eraser Dust is a FREE font and can be downloaded here :

Music used in the preview :

Many thanks to to Joel Hunger for allowing me to use his track Cheerful Morning

This is on the preview only so use the above link if you want to use this music for your own render.

The included FAQs file (and the FAQs tab above) addresses the following questions :

  • Where do I start?
  • What can I edit and what shouldn’t I mess with?
  • I’m male/female, how do I switch gender?
  • How do I change my skin colour?
  • How do I change the colour of my hair or clothing?
  • I need to change the text
  • I want to add in my logo
  • I have a specific client I want to send this to
  • I don’t have a specific client to present this to, so it needs to be generic
  • I want to edit the business card section
  • My showreel is shorter than the “PUT YOUR SHOWREEL/PORTFOLIO HERE” composition of 3 minutes
  • I don’t have a showreel
  • My showreel is longer than 3 minutes
  • I want to change some of the colours within the sequence
  • I want to add music

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