Cover Flow V2 (showcase preset)

Cover Flow V2 (showcase preset)

Cover Flow V2 (showcase preset) - 1 Cover Flow V2 (showcase preset) - 2

Update V2.2

Now the custom effect tool compatible with all language of After Effect!


HI guys This time I upgrade the Cover Flow to a new version.and add some new features!,I still made it by expressions not only easy to adjust each attribute but also easy to creat a video or picture display.

Preview Project Features

  • 1920×1080/30fps /60 seconds
  • download file include preview AE project and custom effect tool file
  • HD video tutorial includ teach you how to redone a new video display via my tool step by step
  • BG music is up to you if you like the preview music please visit:
  • font in preview here : or use others you like
  • please note that the open logo reveal with hands is my own logo ident so not included but if you interesting click here

Tool Features

  • AE cs4 custom effect tool ,cs5,cs5.5 compatible
  • creat only by expressions so no numbers of layers limit!
  • easy adjustment each parameter ,used just like a plugin!
  • hommization and fast to render

The preview only a way to show what the preset and how it can do. you can modify the preview project or you also can redone a new display because Its Pretty Simple!


Q:how the tool work?
A:all layers motion attribute control by a null layer you can adjustment them in effect windows just like a plugin!
Q:if I have large number of pictures or only a few picture to display can it be work well?
A:of cause !the expression will auto calulate all the layer space and arranged in a curve even only one or two pictures!
any other questions please send me a email IF you like please rate! 1 1 1 1 1

MY another series of custom effect

Cover Flow V2 (showcase preset) - 3 Cover Flow V2 (showcase preset) - 4
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