Counter Preset 2.0

Counter Preset 2.0

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What is Counter?

Counter is a Time-Saving preset for designing and animating Numbers in After Effects. By


  • Text-Layer based.
  • TInfinite Numbers (+,-) and Formats.
  • Intuitive and Simple Effect based Interface.
  • Fully Editable and very Flexible.
  • Works with all Fonts (Mono-Spaced Recommended).
  • Supports all symbols like $, % etc.
  • CC, CC-CC 2018 Compatible (Mac and PC).
  • Supports all Languages.

Watch the The Tutorial On YouTube

Simple Native Interface

Create, Edit and Animate Numbers with amazing speed and simplicity.
  • Familiar Start/End based Animation.
  • Fully Customize- to create any numbers format.
  • Control how many Decimal Numbers you Show.
  • Change Dividers (,) to any Letter/Symbol you need.
  • Change the decimal Point (.) to a comma (,).
  • Multipliers for easy Control and Animation.
  • Add Any Symbol or Text To your Numbers.
  • Infinite Numbers.

What’s in the Package?

  • Examples folder- The collect folder of the examples, to help you get started quickly, as seen in the tutorial.
  • VDODNA folder- The Counter Presets Folder by language.
  • Read Me file- TXT file of How to install The Counter Presets, step by step, and how to be a better person.