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Beautiful work bro :) wish you many great works and great sales

Very nice work. Good luck.

Great work. Very nice.

Great stuff. I wish you many sales.

Very clean corporate!!!! ;)

Really great work!

Thanks 3Dlaria :)

Excellent work is done. I wish more sales. There is music in the corporate theme

Great work like always. I have a question. In the Logo Holder – Wide I place the logo, But when I go to the preview shows it in White. How can I show the original color?

Thank you!

Hi Casvar,

I had the same problem with another of Arief’s projects, but I found out how to change that. The only thing you have to do is to change the tint effect on the composition which contains your logo. You can turn it off without deleting it by clicking fx icon.

Just to be clear you need to change the effect on the composition, you don’t need to change the contents of the composition itself! So find out which composition contains your logo composition (probably ‘Footage Holder XX’, where XX is a two digit number) and you ‘re set.