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Cool project!

Nice one mate, well done! :)
Best wishes!

Super project, man, really! something with the sound?

Thank you very much and thank you. We will check the sound tomorrow morning… Maybe it’s a problem in the FLV .

We uploaded a new FLV and it is waiting for approval. Thanks for noticing!

I want music here! :P Good project,crystalpark! ;)

Will I be able to place video files within the placeholders?

Sure, up to Full-HD 1920×1080 footage. You can also change the length of the placeholders. If you want to change the length of the placeholders it will require a little bit more After Effects knowledge.

Great work!


Super project man. Good luck!

Looks very good! Well done! :)

Good One Mate !

Great project man! :) Good luck!

Hi, nice work! Could you provide a better documentation? Changing the graphic (placeholder) is not easy. I drag&drop a file (jpg) on top of a placeholder but it was in the background and not in the placeholder frame. And replacing the placeholder.psd in link folder results the same pic in every slideshow. I’d like to have an individual pic.

Could you please help me? regards, harry


Hi Harry,

Do exactly what is documented! It works.

Regards, Roy – CrystalPark

Hi friend.

I have purchased your excellent template. However, I am stuck in one section. In the slide show comps, I can successfully replace the footage, no problem. I need them to be of a longer duration, again no prob, except the frame border goes away after their original length.

I can’t seem to find where I can extend the border/frame to match the longer duration.

Any ideas?

Hi PDLVideo,

You have to unshy all the layers. How to: http://www.estrellastudios.com/blog/blog-video/after-effects-quick-tip-shy-layers/

Good luck!

With kind regards, Roy – Crystal Park

Does your slideshow include the images of the hand / touch throughout the presentation? This feature is a key to the presentation. I purchased the package, but cannot find the images in your template. Let me know where to find or is this not included, which will be a big issue to resolve. Thanks.

hi guys i just want to know if i could use the system to produce a dvd cd