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really nice look!)

Thank you so much!

Excellent! It looks nice! :)

Wow thank’s brother! Nice to hear that :)

superb work….

Happy to hear that bro :)

Excellent work! wish you many sales ….............. :)

Thanks bro! Wish me luck :)

cute work !! nice job bro

Thanks a lot :)

Wow, this is really cool work! I hope people will like it very much and buy hundreds of it! Good luck!

Very nice to hear that! Thanks a lot brother :)

Stunning work! Perfect presentation well done :)

What a great things to hear :) thank you so much brother!

Wonderful animation mate! :)

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wow i like it

Glad you like it bro!

A good animation :)

Thanks a lot Wayman :)

Thank you so muc brother :)

Another great work from you. Can you tell me what is the rendering time?

Thank you so much :) rendering time will not take so much time because there are no plug ins required and every 3D’s are a footages.

Thnx to author for very fast support!

Wow thanks bro! Glad to help you :)

Having some issues with this file. All of the required files seem to be included in the .zip, but some assets don’t uncompress. I’ve used three different unzipping utilities, to no avail. Any help?

Looks great by the way.

try to simply reload or replace the missing file. When you open the file on AE and you get that missing files notification, expand the assets folder and find the missing files ( marked with error screen display icon ). Right click on the missing files and choose ” Reload Footage ”. If it is not working, Right click -> Replace Footage -> File. A new windows will open and then you have to find the exact same file name from some folders on ” Assets ” folder from the master .zip file. This should help you. Let me know if you still have some problem.

i here open it with CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 and no problem at all. The file i unzip is the one i re-download from my portfolio at videohive.

email me for further help and fast respon : gerdianghilky@gmail.com