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Discussion on Corporate Slides

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Friend, I wish you constant inspiration and more sales! :)

Hi, I have purchased your template and tried to use it for a video I am creating. I can’t seem to make it work adding video when I add it to Premiere Pro. I can’t ‘blend’ any of my videos in, it just keeps showing a ‘sand colour’ background. Your ‘help pdf’ is not much help either – not very well done. I have followed all the steps, but I need the background of the motion graphics to be transparent so my video can appear. Or do I need to upload my video into AE? It doesn’t seem to be handy at all to do it this way. Please help

good morning. email me via the contact form page. I’ll help.

first sorry for not speaking English but I bought this temple and the file is not perfect only April the after in the Premiere ProCC 2017 not April I feel cheated because the second time I buy the first download and that’s ok and now I have not lost any money.

the message and (This project contains error of expression: error 1 of 119) and what is written

good morning. email me via the contact form page. I’ll help.

Hi, is there no music track with this? The demo showcased one but nothing is included?

Look carefully at the description. It says that the music is not on. But there is a link to its purchase. How did you decide that the music is included in the sale package?

Hi – i have the same problem as @morganecazaubon – where I cannot make the sand colour transparent, and therefore my video cannot be seen. Could you please help?

I answered you in the mail. Thank!

Hi, I downloaded your software and I was under the impression that only version of Premiere 2017 CC needs AE for this to run or make edits. My version is 2019 but it looks as if I still need AE regardless. Please let me know if this is the case, otherwise I won’t be able to use this software.

je viens d’acheter ce theme et j’obtiens, ce projet contient des codes d’erreur de 1 à 199. que faire ? merci

Good day. You need to use the English version of the program. Thank!

i was asking how to change the color of the red transition in the document. It’is grey in your video. thanks for your reply

good morning. you cannot change the color of transitions. Thanks.

I can not find any pr file after I bought it

Good day. Write to me through the contact form of the profile. I’ll help you. Thank!

which profile

i sent you email, please check.

I have the problem of this template with the premier pro 2018, it does not allow me to mix the images, I only get the sand color and it is really uncomfortable.

Good day. Write to me through the contact form of the profile. Thank!

I do not find any form, I need to solve this percase, because I have to deliver the work and that’s why I got the template, I do not get transparency in premier pro 2018

I did not find a project on the Premiere program how do I find the project in Premiere?

Good day. Write to me through the contact form of the profile. I will help you. Thank!

it’s a lie. it dosen’t work. Just need to After Effect. BE CAREFUL!!!!!

Good evening. You did not read the description before buying … See the lesson, it will help you

Can you change the transition effect overlay from grey to other colours

This is an After Effects template that can have some elements changed in Premiere Pro. DO NOT BUY if you are not comfortable updating in After Effects!