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Awesome project juanmita, brilliant work friend, is perfect, I wish you many sales. 8)

Thanks my friend!!!! ;)

Thanks my friend!!!!! ;)

Excellent project my friend!!!! I wish you many sales!!!! :D

Thanks my friend!!!! ;)

Qualitatively, well-done :)

Thanks my friend!!!! ;)

Hi. Gz on your template.

Can it be adjusted in length and/or speed without much effort??

Glad you liked this project. Here I send the link of the audio track used. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact. A hug my friend!!!! ;)

hey i really like this, but i have no tech background, would you able to help with the settings ?

Yes. that’s right.

Hi I wonder… can I extend the placeholder as I want ?

Yes, it’s possible. ;)

Hi I really like this but could you please let me know how I can extend each video footage section? Or pause the rotation? Because id like to display longer footage by at least 20-30 seconds more than it is currently


Hi legionsama, Thank you very much for your purchase!!!
I need your email to send you a demo to do this.
You can write here:
Best Regards.

Hello! Would I be able to extend the duration of the whole film to 8 minutes, and make each clip stay put for a longer period of time?

Hi brunolab, Yes, this is possible. For this you must change the times of movement in each sequence. The entire project is customizable. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, times … We will be attentive to their needs. Thanks for the confidence!! A greeting, JM

Hello, juanmita. I´ve just download the template for Windowns CC 2015 and I found 75 expression errors. Also the Control Panel does not work. Can you help me, I am in a huge urgency?

Hi Alessandra, Thanks for your purchase. We have sent you email.

Hey, Juanmita. Could please send it again. i didn´t receive..

Send again!! check in your spam ;)

Excellent project my friend!!!! I wish you many sales!!!! :;)

Thanks buddy!!! ;)

hi can your help me plese im buy worng program

i need for after effect but am buy apple motion help me plesse

We have made the return so you can enjoy the template after effects. Regards and thanks for your purchase.

Hello juanmita,

I wonder if this project is compatible with Adobe After Effects CC 2018 for macOS Sierra.


axiously awaiting response

Hi facinatingcircle, Yes, perfectly compatible…

Hi Juanmita, first at all, nice project! I’d like to make you a request if were possible. I bought this a couple days ago, but it was the wrong version. I tought I was buying the AE version instead the Apple Motion version and now I have a project in an extension that I even no know. My question is, can I get at least the AE version with a descount or something like that? I really appreciate your help and once again, nice job!

David Lopez

We send you an email.