Corporate Multi Logo Revealers

Corporate Multi Logo Revealers

Corporate Multi Logo Reveals

Multi Logo / Social Media Logo Reveals with an included Sound Effects file, choose from 2 or use them both.
Illustrate the impact of your company, its pace and uniqueness.
Portray a company merger, acquisition, or a joint venture.
Display social networks and different methods of communicating with your company.
Choose 3 out of 9 Social Icons as Presets or use your own logos.
9 Social Logos as presets courtesy of User10 used from this website:


  • CS5 Project, Full HD, Camera Moves, Lights and DOF are Editable in AE
  • 3 Logo Placeholders, you can adjust to more logos using NthLayerSelector script.
  • No Plugins Required
  • 2 Schemes included: 1 Color and 1 Black & White
  • Easily Customize with a Color scheme Controller
  • User Friendly – Detailed PDF Manual
  • Font is free by google: Yanone Kaffeesatz
  • 9 Social Networks included (Facebook,Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest,Flicker,RSS,Youtube,Vimeo, and LinkedIn)
  • Sound effects are included courtesy of Soundroll
  • Soundroll’s incredible “Green Light” Music track used

  • Corporate Multi Logo Revealers - 1


    Corporate Multi Logo Revealers - 2