Discussion on Corporate Mosaic Logo

Discussion on Corporate Mosaic Logo

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Hi ! I use adobe after effect cc 2015 but I get problem placing the photos in the place holders. In the tutorial video, it shows that I can just move the photo to the place holder and can scale up it easily. But when I put the photo in, I could not move or resize/scale it. I don’t even see the black box/frame. Is it because my photos are too big. I’m quite new with after effect though. Thank you !

hi ..thank you for your purchase.. please e-mail me at I may help better.

Maybe I made a mistake, but I’m fairly certain that when I looked at the preview video, the day before I purchased this, it highlighted 3 options for turning the photos into the logo. However, when I go to use it (and now when I watch the video here) there is only one option.

hi there.. thank for your purchase.. the preview video hasn’t been changed in years… im sure you must have mistaken it for some other template. if you don’t want this template … please contact video hive support.. and explane the situation. thank you anyway .

OK, thanks for the answer. I placed something else in my checkout box and this is what I ended up with. Appreciate your speedy response. I’ll reach out to Video hive to see if they have any clue what might have happened.

I must be missing something. The video in the preview on envato market is different from what I bought and downloaded. It’s a nice photo mosaic logo reveal but not the one intended to buy. The preview video shows a larger grid (less photos) and a reveal into the shape of the logo (at 6 seconds into the video). Can you guide me if I’m overlooking something?

hi there. .please e-mail me so i may help with this. thank you

A big thanks to Ultinato for resolving the issue. I somehow downloaded the wrong project file.

:) thank once again for your purchase:)

Hi, awesome project!

I was just wondering if I could change the colour of the background at the end of video to a darker grey? How would I go about doing that?


Hi There. thanks for the purchase. You can just add a grey solid to the back ground. if this wasn’t help enough . please e-mail me

Hi, just purchased this. Very nice.. but i’m not having a nice reveal effect on the logo at the end. I’m not sure whether this is due to it being a text logo or something i am doing wrong. Please can you double check my video here and let me know what you think? Thanks.

hi checking it now ..could you please e-mail me so we can continue this there .?

Hi, Its posible to extend the time for the two first scenes? Thanks! nice work

hi there. Yes it can be extended… its not in the tutorial but after the purchase , if you ned any extra help extending them .. please contact me again. cheers and thanx :)

Hi, can I swap the pictures of peoples faces for my own pictures? or is this not changeable?

Hi . yes you can . you can swap all pictures and videos .thanks for your enquiry

Scene 1 ok, Scene 2 ok, scene 3 disaster. In scene 3 I see BOX TEST even if I turn it off. What I should do to make scene 3 works ok without BOX TEST etc.?

My mistake ;) Problem with footages files – Solved

hi just saw it now…. im glad its ok :) and merry christmas

Hi, How can I change the red squares to a custom color? I don’t see a quick adjustment tool. Please advise.



Disregard – user error.

hi .thanx for your purchase. ( sorry i didn’t see your first question but glad its resolved :)

I love your work, but i have a question.

How do i edit the logo? do i need aftereffects?

i work with websites but never used aftereffects… oh, and im from brazil, so excuse my poor english :)

Sweet! First of all, congratulations, youre work is awesome, and second, ill contact you by email soon! Keep up the nice work!

Oh, and “um abraço amigo”

:) esqueci me de te dar o meu e-mail.

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

thank you :D you too

Very nice work!

thank you :)

Wow….Greatest work !!!

thank you B)

Fantastic work ultinato!!!! ;)

Nice project :)

thank you :)


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