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Nice lower 3rds! You’re the lower 3rd guru here :D :)

Thank you man! :)

too bad you don’t make these actual projects – the work is great but I would love to be able buy all these as projects -

Thank you ! My intention is to create files for a larger audience, since not every video editor works with AE but I will release some as projects in the future.

nice collection :)

Thank you!

Project files would be greatly appreciated. Not only does it allow customization, but they are also great learning tools. That, and it would save me a bunch of time if I didn’t have to create a matte when I want to use these.

Thank you for suggestion.

how do i incorporate the lower third into a video?

You have to import the lower third in a video editing software (like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc.), put it on the timeline over your video then overlay the text (text is not included). Please contact me using VideoHive PM system if you need further help.

Nice, simple to use, and professional!

Thank you!

Hi, I just purchased but they are just in movie format so how do I make the third longer to fit more text? Was expecting AE file to make adjustment as this is not going to be suitable now. Please advise.

I am sorry for your confusion but my lower thirds are rendered video files, listed in the Motion Graphics category of VideoHive, and there is no indication whatsoever about an AE file.

May I ask which font you used for the demos in the video? I’d like to come as close to that look as possible.

Also… I read the “how to” above… but I am still unable to figure out exactly how to best use the product. I’m using Movie Studio Platinum 12. I’ve dragged your product into a video track above my video, so I do see the lower third image, but the rest of the frame is black. It wasn’t immediately clear how to make that transparent.

First I tried the “Sony Mask Generator” hoping that might allow me to generate a mask… but fiddling with the sliders didn’t have the desired effect. Then I tried the chroma keyer and used the eye dropper to select the black background. That brought me much closer to what I see in your demo… but the moving specular highlight and the sparkles still have an ugly black cast around them.

How to I get a perfect mask without any artifacts?

Disregard. I’m an idiot :-) I Googled alpha channel and got it sorted.

I’m glad you figured it out. My lower thirds are rendered using a transparent alpha channel background but some video editing applications do not recognise this channel automatically.