Corporate Intro-Outro 1

Corporate Intro-Outro 1

  • About 14 minute video tutorial included
  • 4 text placeholders + 1 logo tagline
  • 2 logo placeholders (in clear version)
  • 7 image placeholders (in image version)
  • Logo reflection control
  • blades Color control
  • Backgrounds Color control
  • Images opacity , color & lightness control
  • Logo & tagline size & position control
Included 12 scenes :
  • Intro clear version
  • Outro clear version
  • Transition clear version
  • Reverse transition clear version
  • Intro color version
  • Outro color version
  • Transition color version
  • Reverse transition color version
  • Intro image version
  • Outro image version
  • Transition image version
  • Reverse transition image version
  • Screenshots : corporate intro-outro screen shots

What Our Customers Think About Corporate Intro Outro01 : corporate intro-outro

If you have some questions, please contact me through my profile page. and if you havent after effects you can purchase the project and contact me from our profile page we will prepare it for you.

This item need this font (only free) : Raleway The musics and photos in demo and tutorial are not included. Music link1 Music link2 The Photos used in the preview and tutorial are authorized for use under Creative Commons License. Photos link

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