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Congratulations, you have some great work!

Hello, The images used, what size should they be purchased at S M or L.

For the placeholders for the background you will need photos around 2200×1400 pixels in size to get the highest quality for the final video.

You can probably be safe with a smaller size photos but for max quality at FullHD 1920×1080 use high resolution assets.

for example, for this photo you can probably be safe with the Medium version but for max quality use the Large version.

Is the map changeable? Can I pick the destinations on the map and customize it?

yes, :) the pins can be moved to any location on the map using simple controls in a dedicated control composition.

What simple controls?

project have included a video tutorial that show how to edit the pins and how to position them in other parts of the world on the map.

“simple” means that I’ve hidden the complexity of how the map had been build behind more simple controls to allow people who are not advanced After Effects users to be able to edit the project.

How many images are needed in total to complete this project.

If I remember correctly there should be around 40 big media placeholders (for photos or video) and other placeholders for the map pins or team photos profiles.

I’m not at my workstation right now so can’t verify the precise number :)

where can i find the sound track?

Thank You for purchasing my item :)

soundtrack can be found here:


Can I switch off blur images? To the right background images were sharp

thank you for purchasing my item :)

you want the background images to have no blur?

yes, it can be done. you will need to disable the blur effect from a couple of compositions.

Should be pretty easy if you have some experience with after effects, or you can contact me from my profile page.

An Excellent work – keep it up man!


I would like in the section of the services that the photos in the background don’t look so blurry where can I change it?


Thank You for purchasing the template :)

This is easy to fix. You need to disable/remove the effect called “Camera Lens Blur” from all the layers that have the word “BACKGROUND” in the “05 SERVICES & PRODUCTS” composition

Hello. Excellent project. Quick question for you – on the map, can it be isolated to a single US state? Or does it only show the US as a whole? Thanks in advance.

Thank You :)

I don’t recall but I think the US states are not included. you could download a map of US with the states and add them in the map scene in place of the current map.