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A wonderful project! I wish you great sales!

Fantastic work as usual from Jakub….... Is email marketing next…hint hint

And thanks for the first purchase! That’s always the hardest one :)

No problem at all they are top quality.

Thanks for the kind words :)

is the sound effects part of a pack as we have all the others you have done or do we have to buy this one as well


Hey there, it’s part of this pack: http://audiojungle.net/item/flat-infographics-pack/14978650 ...so if you have purchased it already, you’re ready to go :)

thanks, just got it, what you working on next ?

Remarketing / retargeting explainer :)

Very nice project, friend! :)

Excellent work!

This is so great! Very nice in all Languages!! Thank you so much. I will use it fpr my next Project

Glad you like it :)

Hi there, can you create on for “branding”? thx!

Hey there, this one also covers branding so no standalone explainer is planned…

Good work, Jakub!)


I have two question before buying this project:

1.) Is it possible to remove the euro/dollar-symbols from the “customers” at 00:32

2.) Is it possible to changethe “materials” after the letter at 01:25?

Thank you

Yes and yes. Both will need some basic AE knowledge, but yes…you can change everything.

Okay, Thanks.

But can i change these Euro/Dollar-symbols without chabging the png? In your prevously templates the symbols were in the png-picture.

Could you send me a screenshot of both topics pl

There is no PNG anymore – there is a composition that can be easily changed for all customer comps. Same applies for all materials comps, but I can’t send you any screenshots, I’m out of office till next week.

do you have a german preview? im not good in after effects, do you offer also the individualize work?

Hey there, sure…just play the preview video and skip to 4:16 where German version starts. And yes, I also provide customization of my projects and even complete custom animations. Please contact me directly using the form on my profile page for more info.

Hi. I just opend the project and there is no sound. I don’t mean the music I mean the explanations.. Where can I find them?

No worries, the sound is definitely there. Have you tried to RAM-preview (“0” on numpad)? Also be sure to be in DE_FINALcomp since the German version uses different composition for final render.

Hi Buenas Dias I am interested in your product but before buying I would like to know if you can by my ponedo my Logo;) The truth is I do not know how to edit the Video.Thank you I will be waiting for your answer

Hey there! Yes, I can help with putting your logo, web address, set colors. But that’s a paid service. Please contact me directly using a form on my profile page :)

Hi, where is this form on my profile page?