Cop Man - Policeman Character - Doodle Whiteboard Animation

Cop Man - Policeman Character - Doodle Whiteboard Animation

This is a whiteboard american male – police officer character for the whiteboard animation.
It is the best choice for your whiteboard, outline, pen graphic, vector design drawn explainers or any other of your original stories.

This is a 100% vector policeman character with unique graphics and created by the Golden section rules.

With a few clicks you can change different colours, choose a preset position or set your own unique pose.
The character got a huge variety of face expressions.
Flexible adjustment of hands and carrying objects gives an opportunity to illustrate any situation.
Just insert your objects or use preconfigured ones.
This character is compatible with other characters on this channel: just drag and drop the characters, that you want to be used, and your own story will be ready literally in a few clicks.
Create your own whiteboard animation using a whiteboard european guy cop – police constable character!

Cop Man – Policeman Character – Doodle Whiteboard Animation contains more than:

  • 13 premade poses & Make unique user pose
  • 20 face expressions
  • 3 Start Types (hand, pensil, scale)
  • Face Decor
  • User Holder for Character hands
  • Premade Holders for Character hands
  • Bubbles

and many-many elements which allows you to make your own promo video quickly and easily. Compatible with After Effects CC6 and any newer version (CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017).

20 Face Unique expressions:


3 Start Types (hand, pensil, scale)

Doodle Whiteboard

13 Premade Poses & Make Unique User Pose:

Doodle Whiteboard

14 Premade Holders for Character hands:

Doodle Whiteboard

6 Bubbles:


User Holder for Character hands:

Doodle Whiteboard

Simple Import:


Doodle European fellow – patrolman character included:

  • 100% vector objects
  • Color Control
  • Easy to customize Character
  • 100% After Effects
  • No plugins required

With Cop Man – Policeman Character – Doodle Whiteboard Animation template you can make your own animated commercials, explainer video for your services or short product promo videos which will help you to boost your sales.

Use this character in your own styles:

vector design, pen graphic, outline, whiteboard or any other

This charcter perfect for police, law and uniform.

Doodle Whiteboard Animation is the successful solution for your service, stylish animated characters transmit explanations with the help of an trendy graphics.With the help of the board you get the stylish version of the officially style. You can use our animation in different projects, videos, services and your business.

Doodle Whiteboard Animation is:

The most successful version of the informative video. It allows viewers to sort out.

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