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awesome project, good luck with the sales mate :)

Awesome project! Thanks!

Glad you like it!

Hey Man, a company I’m doing an animation for purchased this template package yesterday. They put it up on Dropbox for me. I’m looking at it and the only accompanying files are Cloud_Main.1.ping through YellowBlock_Main.1.png. for a total of 18.

All the files from the Color Dots are missing as are the Color Bars. There’s more missing but I’m not gonna list them. Is it just a matter of re downloading the project files?

Thanks again!

Hey I got all the files. It looks great! How can I change the color of the funnel so the bottom two parts are the same color?

Is there any way to change the color on the Marketing Funnels?

Hey Sacedo,

sorry for my late reply. The file is pre rendered so you’d have to do that with color correction. The “change to Color”effect might be most usefull. Just drag the effect on the layer “Funnel_images” then select the former color and the color you want it to become, and play around with the settings a bit. Keep in mind to copy paste the effect on the reflection as well.

Hope this helped?

Hello, I’ve just bought and downloaded the project. There is a big issue with the color display. How can I fix it?

Hi I’m sorry for my late reply, I was on vacation.

What’s the problem?

How easy or is it possible to add layers to the pyramid graph?

Hi Mediameld, sorry its not possible adding more of them yourself. It’s a 3d render so I had to make a choice.

Amazing work. =) GuitarNation