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very nice work, fantastic :) ;) i wish you a successful week and lots of sales !

Nice idea and animation!

Nice job!!!

Incredible sales and great mood!

Thank you for the support! :)

Excellent Project! :-)

Hi i have pre.purchase question, the house reveal illustration is customizable or is it pre-rendered sequence?


Hello, thank you for the interest.
It’s a pre rendered sequence.
Hence the customization is limited to Logo and Colors.
Thank you

Are you able to say how you created the effect please?

Oh, excuse me for forgetting : its all from a 3D App.
The actual logo reveal is using AE’s built in Vegas effect.
“matching” a stroke width / style to blend in with the original 3D app lines.

Ah, you used C4D didn’t you? I have downloaded your file for a project but I need to extend it and add more material. :)

yes sir. if you want the source file contact me via the profile page (email form)
Thank you so much once again !

pre purchase question. Can i change the two texts that say “building and construction” and “quality housing”?

Ofcourse you can.
They’re just sample text placeholders and can be easily modified within After Effects!

Can this be edited with DaVinci?

So I’d just be buying the single user rights to the template which I would need to change or do you do the edits?

You get an AEP source file which you can edit using After Effects.

It is your job to edit the file and modify it as you please.

Thank you for the interest.