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Impressive work. Congrats

Thanks mate

Amazing 1 indeed! Hard work and excellent done! Congrats! :)

Thanks IronykDesign! I appreciate that!

OMG this is a MONSTER WORK ! amazing amazing amazing!! :)

Hey man, I was very happy :)

Another great masterpiece, Rofitero!

Thanks gbiasillo! I appreciate that!

how can I ask if this is hard to install Im first timmer?

Thank you for your interest, the project is really easy to change included in the tutorial.

Congrats on being the featured author. Totally deserved as your work is absolutely amazing! :)

Hi Gari Biasillo, Thank you very much, I’m so glad my friend.

This is so cool!

Thanks :)

this is just too good you’re pushing the limits.

Thank you very much.

You save’d me for a loong week of filming and editing :) Its perfect for my project !

Thanks :)

This is absolutely outstanding. awesome job dude!

Thank you very much, I was very happy.

hi this is nice but I am a bit worried on render times.. It appears that if all video screens are filled the render to movie could be very long..Im on a very strong video platform and I am still worried..I have 6 cores and a excellent vid card..and a ton of ram..what do you est the render times are for this?

Hi, just to be rendered images even in a normal computer does not last very long.

hello you have a contact I want to place an order accurate. drinkmoney(a)hotmail.fr

Hi, I sent you an e-mail. Thank you for your interest.

great project file I am having a lot of fun with this one. I need some help on modifying the end option 2. I need to extend the scene with the 15 cubes out for 1:14 minutes and have my video play in the cubes. I would also like to have the construction guy stand and face the cubes at the end can you help?

Thank you for your purchase. This project were rendered in 3d s max. a little hard to major changes.

Oh ok well I thought I would ask :) I had a work around and project came out great Thanks again

I love this project and wanted to use it, BUT I’m doing a Safety video for a construction firm and all your workers are doing things counter to what the video will be advocating. I know this is nit picking but just wanted to make you aware. (e.g. the guy jumping from one platform to another. No restraining devices, and ladders on the floor) Great work anyway!

Hi, thanks for your concern. I agree with you. I’m sorry.

Excellent work. I wish you success and even more sales ;)

Thank you very much.

Excellent work. Congratulations, I love it :)

Thank you, I’m very happy :)


I am planning to buy regular license and modify it…To use as my “film production company” logo opener. If I do it, then the end product is going to be same and it’s going to be used in the beginning of my each & every film, in future.

So…Is it enough for me to buy single license ?

And also…If my question is not clear, please let me know !


Hello, Thank you for your interest, Please consult the Envato management.

Hey Buddy,

I have bought this…But in order to make it suitable for my theme, I need source file or atleast Layer based passes(Sky, characters, props) seperately or in worse case, RGB Passes to select and tweak the objects of footage.

Please provide any of them…