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Amazing work ! , really amazing …:)

well done! good luck with sales

Great presentation :)

I love this one! :)

It seems you are blender fun. Tears of steel :). Good job!

Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Perfect. Love the way you did it.

Cool project – well done

Wow! Very nice cinematic look ;)

Good Work Bro .I wish great sales :)

How many individual placeholders are there?

The 2 logo compositions are the only ones that require pre-composed effects, so they have placeholders. All of the other title compositions are edited directly within and you can create an unlimited number of them by duplicating them from the project window. I included 5 video holders to easily drop in footage for the basic sequence, but I suggest to render out each title first, then edit together with your footage, since every story and music choice will be different.

There are some textures that Element3d sais are missing. Metal_grunge_painted_04 in specular and normal. Where can we get them?

Nicely done! :) I whish you lots of sales my friend! :)