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Cool work man! :)

Beautiful work!

Ахаха))) Крутая задумка! Хороших продаж)

Фиксики! Очень крутая анимация!)

Nice job! Good Luck and more sales!

Wow great work, Allinavvanilla. This is more than a template, so much of work might have been put into it. How many days did it take to create it ?

About a month

Nice video.:) I’m interested in getting it but need help to add the text and the logo in the video. Can you help with that as it will decide if I buy it or not?

Buy – I will help you insert the text and logo. After the purchase, write in private messages and write what you need to do.

Hi, a few edits need fixing and I was unaware that music is not included but a big part of the purchase was because of the music in the demo video which I thought was included.Please can you send the full refund because I don’t have any music and no editing skills Look forward to the refund and thanks again for trying but it didn’t work out unfortunately.

Problem solved, buyer satisfied !!!