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Hello, Please when i try to download the template it show this to me “Download not available Item reached daily download limit”

please send me link or something that i can download it

thanks in advanced ..

Hello and so many compliments for the work! ... please help me in understand where I am wrong: It takes 4 hours to render the project of only 3 minutes of video .... is it correct?

Thanks for your cooperation…

No plugins required??

No plugins required??

Yes, no need any plugins

I bought this just now but I have problem trying to replace the fonts with Chinese ones. Any solution.

Love it :-)

Can you advise a solution for the problem below: I am using Adobe CC.

After Effects warning: some layers have missing dependencies. Press Ctrl-C to copy this list.

2 dependencies are missing:

1) Text Layer: Font family: “Roboto”, Font style: “BoldCondensed”

2) Text Layer: Font family: “Roboto”, Font style: “Condensed”

That’s because you haven’t installed Roboto Font. You need to installed it first. Here’s the download link :

Hi, I have a question.

When you add you add/Extend a Holder into the composition.

When you are replacing the the current holder with the new one, you drag and drop them onto the timeline (at 0:56 seconds into the Add Extend video) mine are not replacing the current ones it just creates a new layer, is there a special key for it to just replace what is currently there?

You have to hold “Alt” key whlie you drag and drop/replace the layer.

How can I resize ribbons?

i bought it but its come without pics?


I am having a problem with slide # 9. The problem is when the slide 9a switch to slid 9b, the slide 9a picture is disappearing on transition. I can not find out how to fix it. Also did not find this part in your tutorial for this pack. Look forward to hear from you!

The screenshot:

Hello, i have problem in resizing the white bar in the testimonial section. I couldn’t find any way to resize it. Any solution?

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, you can use my music in your videos. Just choose what you liked. In turn, I will place a link to you on my page. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good luck!


lapkit Purchased

Hi there, if i have purchase it, can i change the background color and change the title place holder colors? can i insert videos instead of using pictures? oh, one more thing, can i still edit the camera composition like rotation or zooming? i mean…edit the entire animation if possible? kindly advise. thanks!


lapkit Purchased