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Wow….awesome work…!! I wish you good luck..!!

Very clean and elegant corporate buddy!!! Fantastic!!! ;)

Very nice work! Wish you many sales!!!

Looking Very Nice

Excellent work. Best luck with sales. :)

Well done! good luck

Looks really great!

Fantastic Work! :)


Excellent work buddy!!!

I have a question: is there a limit for the text length on the different slides and what is it?

i have a question: does it includes the photos?, and the parte thar is the people wlaking and like in a meting that is on video.


I would like to use this product for a website clip to display our product training portfolio. I don’t use AE and wondered if anyone could recommend a designer that would pull this together for me? Thanks J

Hi It’s a good template,

I have two questions

1) I have changed the colours as per the instructions on the included video. However the changes do not seem to take effect? See this screenshot. What am I doing wrong?

2) On holder 11 even when I add in video holder a,b,c,d there are still blank video placeholders in the background. How do I fill these?

Many thanks in advance :)


Thank you for buying my item

Have you tried to open it on another computer?

Just tried it on another PC with no change, the colour is still default blue. Any ideas?

Unfortunately i have no idea what’s different with yours, when authors make a template and envato staff approve it, it means it already tested and it works, no doubt.

If I send the template to you would you be able to take a quick look?

of course, I will try to help :)

great I’ll send you an email :)