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i like it, good job dude

Thanks :)

great job, very innovative and stylish, well done project, this is useful – super work, thanks!

Thank you very much :)

Thanks :) I appreciate it :)

hi there :-) I don’t know anything about AF :-) but this looks great as a intro for our short film … ok . .will download the demo version of AF .. will learn how to edit it .. BUT … our intro music is 22 sec long . .this video is 40 … is if difficult to change it ? thanks for your patience reading this ;-)

Well there are few ways to do it :

1)You can increase the animation speed, by applying “Time Stretch” effect, but in that case the animation looks too fast.

2)You can use “Time remapping” to keep some parts at the normal speed, and speed up others

3)You can adjust keyframes for animation and camera (but this is really painful, time consuming process)

Please contact me at:

batvfx@yahoo.com so I can give you more instructions.

Best luck!

wow wow nice story

thanks :)


Loved it and bought it!! :)

would this work on cs5?

I don’t own CS5 yet, but I’m quite sure it’s compatible with it.

Nice job my friend..Can I extend this to a second page? Any clues?

Hi, frankly it’s not possible to do it easily, because there are bunch of layers and camera movements included. Maybe you could make 2 separate renders for each page and then compose it somehow in new composition, but I don’t know if it’s worthy.

Great work, that’s awesome ! :) Can we change the background of this animation ? If I want a blue background for instance can I change the color, or can I put a picture ? Thanks

Great work and very clean. =) GuitarNation