Discussion on Comedy Club

Discussion on Comedy Club

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This is so disappointing, you should really put this in the description….having to move every little light manually if you change the word “Comedy Club” future buyers be aware. NOT easy to do.

I really like this one, my only question is, I’m able to change the title Comedy Club to Broadway Bound but when I do the flashing lights don’t line up, how do I get them to line up? Thank you for your help!!!

Unfortunately this was our first product, you have to align the lights manually. We regret not being clear with that problem.

great job, so satisfied for this purchase, thumbs up Pressrender

Can i extend the duration and put 10 pictures instead of 2 ??? i have 10 guests

Hi there! I think you can do it, anyway, I really do not quite understand what you mean by extending the duration. If you refer to extending indefinitely the duration of the last part, with very little knowledge you can do it.

If you have problems with the template, contact us.

can i put video in the media holder?

Yes, you can!

The names of your fonts are incorrect in Item details. It’s: Las Enter instead of Lar Enter Personal Ghetto Marquee instead of Ghetomarquee Bebas Neue and also Broadway.

Thanks for the correction, this was my first project. I will change the description.

Hi sebastien 041, can you give me a personal email?

It is the only error that appears?

I think the problem is a language problem, your After Affects is in french and for some reason the expression is not loading well.

The lights of the COMEDY CLUB text are a great effect, but you have to duplicate them and move them manually.

Please send some more info.

It’s a mediocre template as I am disappointed that there’s no easy way to edit the tekst of comedy club… I can not stay up all night and move every single lightbulb.. this should be done in a more automated way… edit the text and ready to go.

Hi AlwaysOnline!

We regret that the template has not been satisfactory, from Pressrender we can only give you our apologies.

We want you to know that we consider a lot the opinion of our buyers, in fact recently we made a new version of Comedy Club taking into account the reviews, comments and complaints from users who bought the template.

Beyond that… The carnival text lights is a great effect, but it has limitations. One of that limitations, is that there is not an automatic way to re distribute the lights on the text, because if you change the text typography there is no an automatic “script” that becomes that possible.

We made the template in that way, so the user has the possibility to choose the size and distribution of the lights at his convenience.

We will continue working in this and in our future templates

Thank you so much for your time!

Hello there! We have made some new changes to the proyect file. Some user has make us some useful suggestions, so we made new changes to improve the workflow of the template.

- Now you can change the neon color light in the final composition, instead of the text composition.

- Now you have to put the carnival lights, to fit the title composition, just one time instead of two times. And the animation is automatic, you don’t have to offset the layers manually the compositions.

- Some new improvements like instructions and new color controllers.

Hope you like it.

Hello! I have the same issue as 1menelo with 16 expression errors. Could you send me the info as well? Thanks…

Also, I show one screenx2 in my render. How do I get both in there? Sorry, i’m a bit of a novice but know enough to replace stuff however adding the second screenx1 is vital. Thanks….

Hi Komodoman2725, can you send me a mail to communicate with you?

It shows 16 expression errors !!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate the offer, I will screen shot ASAP

I emailed you

Thank you, i have sent you an answer!

Desperate for fonts – cannot find all and Effects don’t line up if not the exact fonts

Hello 2 Menelo, thanks for your purchase. The project does not include fonts in the zip file, you must get them by yourself. We recommend “” there you will be able to find the fonts you need.

Very nice work! Wish you many sales!!!


Dear Pressrender, Is it possible to change “COMEDY CLUB”-Text or is it statik and Part of Background?

Hi minihase, the “COMEDY CLUB”-Text is editable, it’s not part of the background. You can change the text and typography, but you have to move the carnival lights to fit the new shape. If you have another doubt please contact me again.

Thank you, it’s my first project

perfect project

Thanks for your comment i really appreciate it.


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