Club Party

Club Party

Please read the description before purchase – thanks a lot

NOTE: Automatic generated Previews has low quality – original file is high quality and smooth

After Effects Template

Here is my powerful party opener and promo template with real 3D usage direct in After Effects which gives you the possibilty for changing the cam view or just set your own complete new moves. Easy change the colors, switch the lights on/off and set your own text and visual content.

You get a great opener/promo for CLUB / TV / WEB / FILM / CD or home projects and many other things. Best usage is for club party promotion, but it works as well for sports or fashion and many other energy driven things – endless possibilities.


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  • This project is for Element 3D V1 only – it will not work with Element 3D V2
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  • 2 Video Copilot PlugIns needed: Element 3D V1.6 + Optical Flares V 1.3.3 – no pre-rendered versions, but these 2 plugins rocks a lot and gives you great looking results and the possibility for edit everything of the template. A pre-rendered version would no longer work if you change the cam view and so it becomes useless. So get the plugins and have fun …
  • Created in After Effects CS6 and also exported for CS5.5 (should work, but not tested in CS5.5)
  • Included 3D.obj file for the 3D party display (only standard materials from E3D are used)
  • Duration 1:10
  • 10 Placeholder for image/video/layout
  • 10 Placeholder for moving text in the party display
  • 2 Placeholder for the 3D main title: 1 headline (with light effect) + 1 subline
  • 2 Placeholder for the 3D end title: 1 headline + 1 subline
  • Automatic music redesign for the track which is used in preview
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • 25 fps
  • Video Tutorial (31:08)
  • Render time is about 2.5 h on a MAC 8-core 32 GB RAM
  • Used font: Bebas Neue –

Image Version

You can find the billboard as big size image Here


Used very great Track with powerful dynamic feeling from author Audionexus. Buy this music and just drag the mp3 into the comp -> BOOM – the track will be completely changed to fit the video (You can try it with the free watermarked download version before you buy the music). Of course – you can use your own music as well.


Images and videos used in the preview are NOT included and you can find them here:


  • 100% After Effects – Beginner should only customize the content and others can edit everything in detail like changing 3D cam scene
  • Place your own visual content (image/video/layout)
  • Type all your text for the display textbox or the 3D titles
  • Change all colors for lights/speaker-body/equilizer/display-text/3D-text/flares
  • Set power movement of speaker
  • Set speed of fake equilizer animation
  • Set glow range and intensity of light glow
  • Switch on/off flash lights
  • Switch on/off overlay flares
  • Use your own sound files


Because the included 3D party display object is created in a 3D app you can not change anything of this object inside of After Effects.


You are not allowed to reuse my included 3D object (no matter what license you buy) for your own stock items (as 3D object or as rendered image/video) which is made for sale in any stock market like envato or upload to any library (free or sale). But feel free to reuse my 3D object for any own or client project and don´t forget to buy another copy for another project to be on the legal side – thanks.