Discussion on Clean Motion 3

Discussion on Clean Motion 3

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Which plugin you use for this flares ( is prerendered ? ) nice template :)

Thank you! All pre render

Special thanks!!

Looks very good :)

Thanks Ugurkan!

Very nice & clean sh**. Big up!

Thank you kicor jeje!

This is a perfect follow on from 2, and opens the door for even more ideas.

Thank you WoodyG, you can be even more creative!!

Wow! The perfect trilogy! Awesome!

very nice and totally Awesome! .................. :)

Very clean work my friend!!!!!

Well done Sebiche, really nice! Best of luck! :)

Thanks for using my music!! I wish you a lot of sales mate!!

great job & Good luck with your sales :)

than kyou kalena2

I am interested in this video project but I need someone to help me to modify it under my needs. Are anyone interested in it? Author or someone else?