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This kind of project is very popular lately, but this one is really well done.

Very clean. One of the best ones of this type here for sure. Congrats!

Thanks ! ;)

Can you tell me how to change the height of the effects to incorporate taller images?

hm, i think it’s to hard ! – it’s need to complete reprogramming project !

Where do you get the plugin from?


I just bought one and I am not able to put it in the video. Podeia you help me? The logo I bought right here on the site.

i don’t understand your problem )

Thank you for great project, Max! :)

Thanks for buying it ! ;)

Awesome project! Thanks for creating it!! It was well worth the money.

Hi! Im trying to edit your project, I download the plug in “Trapcode Particular 2.2” – try version – but this message keeps showing: “This project contains 5 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references.” Can you help me? Im new at After Effects. :)

What effects projects ask you?

exept particular?

Thanks for your help!! I install the plug in again and it’s working now. But it shows a “x” mark in all frames. Do y know if this happens because I downloaded a trial version of Particular 2.2? I can send a frame to your e-mail if it helps. Tks again!!

Hello Thanks for this I just got the Project, But I got the TrapeCode Particular and It still gives me the Missing Plug in error,, What do you think is the problem and how to fix it please?

Hi! You need trapcode Particular plugin to work with this project! ;)

I am having an issue – where do I find the trap code particular plugin? I was unaware that everything would not be provided when I paid for this piece.

I am really disappointed that you need the TrapeCode Particular plugin for this project, because if you just download the trial version of TrapeCode, the project results in a giant X over the file. Has anyone found a link to a free version of TrapeCode so I can get this done? Really wish I didn’t have to go through this hassle of getting the additional plugin.