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Very nice! :)

Thanks, guys)

I like it! Could you please do one with 2 hands in a giving motion? I have a health care company client and the same video with 2 hands or 2 hands in a giving motion would be perfect!

it’s good idea! =) Okey, i gonna make it with 2 hands)

Thanks, you have a sale as soon as you can complete it. Many thanks for the quick response.

In the mean time… I purchased this one and I will present both to the client.

Let me know when the 2 hand one is complete.

project woth two hands ready!

Very beautifully executed.

Thank you =)

Hi, I really LOVE this opener! You did a remarkable job :-) I was wondering you thought of making this same opener with a different skin tone? That would be awesome!

Hi! Thanks you =) i will think about your idia)

thanks for considering it, you’re great!

Hi! Is it possible for me to remove the “jiggle”?

Hi! Is it possible for me to remove the “jiggle”?

Hi there! Sorry for delay… =) Yeas, it’s possible)

Very Professional. =) GuitarNation


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