Discussion on Clean 3D Photos Slideshow Bundle| Slideshow for Party | Birthday | Wedding | Baby Shower | Festival

Discussion on Clean 3D Photos Slideshow Bundle| Slideshow for Party | Birthday | Wedding | Baby Shower | Festival

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Why are so many of the images inverted when the animation runs?

the first 6 images are inverted, the tutorial will guide you where exactly you should place the first 6 medias

There is another composition actually

Hi there! How do I “unreverse” some of the images? I have text embedded on the image and apparently some of them are reversed after rendering. Please advice.

good work,good luck with sales

When I open the project, it makes me the following message: Color (line 1) of Layer 1 (Flares 2) Scene 5 in the composition, property or method named: Color in class: not found or no Effect. It may have been renamed, moved or deleted … There are also: Time Remapping (line 1) of Layer 1 (Border) in the composition Image Placeholder 23, property or method named: Slider in class: Effect not found or no. It may have been renamed, moved or deleted ….

So, I can not change anything.

Can you help me?

The problem u having right now I guess is your language of ur after effects . You are not using English ver. After effects .

That’s right. I have a French version and After effect has translated certain words. I was changing the words that were problematic and it works. thank you for your answer

You are welcome :)

I currently have the trial version for Adobe After Effect. Is the trial version capable of performing all the edits needed for your slideshow?

Yup … It’s able to edit :)

i will and does’t works!

and i got an another question for you.

how can i change the duration between picture?

i’ve try but the picture still flipping!


I think maybe you have accidentally remove the expression or you relocate the adjustment layers ? I’ve tried on my side, it works fine thou.

The flipping animation is done by using expressions. If you want to change the duration you have to remove the expression and animate manually then.

hi! i don’t know why but i can’t customize the backgroung…i have nothing in a effect windows…can you help me?

Huh ? U try to download the project files again, and reopen AE. And check whether it works or not ? :)

good job and greetings from Berlin

Fantastic photo gallery!!!! ;) Wish you many sales buddy!!!! ;)

Can I use my own background?

yea of coz … you can just put in BG comp. I will teach you step by step. very easy one

It’s just drag and drop

Hi Antoni Drag your BG to BG comp then delete all the layers inside that comp go back to previous scene and double click U. you will see a time remapping effects with expressions under the BG comp. Delete the expression. that’s it

Haha ! Thanks

Good work!

Excellent project !!

very nice work, good job ! :)

nice cool brah

very nice work! sweet! :)


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