Classic Wedding

Classic Wedding

Hello friends  :)

  • This is my latest project. Very nice and stylish template. Strict colors emphasize a classic style. This template perfectly for the presentation of wedding. The slow tempo will accentuate the most warm and tender feelings. You can dedicate “Classic Wedding” to various events for example wedding-day, anniversary, birthday, party and so on.
  • Main features are:
    • AE CS4-CS6 project
    • 2 minute 48 seconds duration
    • 10 placeholders for photo or video
    • 11 placeholders for text
    • Full HD resolution 1920×1080
    • HD resolution 1280×720
    • DVD resolution 720×480
    • WEB resolution 960×540
    • No plugins required
    • No pre-renders
    • Tutorial included
    • Easy to customize
    • Music not included
  • Rendering information: (Full HD resolution 1920×1080) duration of rendering is about 50 minutes on configuration: Intel Core i7-3930K, 16 Gb RAM , nvidia GeForce GTX560 Ti, Windows 7, 64 bit
  • Music created from “olivertangen” you can find and purchase it here
  • The font used are free and can be downloaded from here
    • Please rate if you like it  :)
    • If you need help customizing the project write me an email via my profile page.

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