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Very cool Project!

Thanks, have you seen the website with online constructor for it?

COOL !!!!! Big job ! Good sales to you guys!

YEY! Check out the constructor here!

Great project! Vse rabotaet, vse normalno. Udachi s prodajami!

Have you been in the quality control team for this project?

Great project !!! Nice characters….

Cool Stuff Friend !! All The Best !!!

Wow wow wow! Man! It’s unreal amazing work, I like this :)

Awesome! Amazing stuff!

great work !!! good sales)) Good luck !!!

Well done! My congratulations ;)

good style, great job !! Good luck !!

GREAT work. A real BIG project with love and style. Good luck!!!!

Can i create video for youtube channel using this kit with Regular License ?

Use in a free end product (more than one end user allowed) in regular license

Use in a free end product (more than one end user allowed) in regular license

According to the Regular Licence you can use these assets in a single end product which end users are not charged for. And according to Extended licence, you can use these assets in a single end product which end users can be charged for. Thus, you cannot buy a single regular licence and create unlimited number of videos for youtube.

Can you provide it please as a CS 5.5 file?

Yes. I’ll upload a project with CS 5.5 files tonight and it will be available as soon as the verification process ends.

Done! Now the project us compatable with CS5.5

Wow, really great! Thank you!!!

Hi! I like this project very much!

Just to be asure: is this project multilingual? And is it possible, to reshape all of the props and characters and take advantage of the character GUI?

Thanks in advance!

I bought your project and as I thought, it didn’t work with my german version… I had to change the language into english, which was an hour issue, but now it works :-)

First impression: the project is well organised, the characters are cute, but the project is a truely systemkiller. Which configuration do you recommend to work properly with it?

The more you have – the better it will be :) I recommend you to watch the tutorial I provided. There are several animation and compilation techniques presented for animation process to be less demanding. – here is the use of “Dummy Model” option – here you can find additional info about project trajectory that can affect the performance.

The overall workflow I recommend: animate a scene in by-character method: animate one character, while others being “a dummy model” – it makes everything faster. Also if you need only 2 character – create the project with two characters (the more you have, the more RAM is needed)

By the way, while the project was written in CS6, some say that everything works faster in CC17, Ah, and also, you can turn off motion blur option while editing – the character gui has a dedicated option for it

Hi there,

nice great job and animation

Thanks! It’s 100% After Effects!

very cool, I liked it, great work. I wish many sales

Good job! Good luck and more sales! :)

I’m not sure why upi haven’t got more sales to date, because this looks fantastic and your demo is brilliant and funny too. Maybe it’s because it looks quite difficult to operate. I notice you have a really good website with lots of tutorials too: is there enough teaching material that I could follow along for 3D tracking as per your demo? I love the scene in the living room with a photorealistic background and if I get the project, which I would really like to, that’s exactly the kind of look I would want. So understanding how to create the background properly and doing the 3D tracking is crucial to me.

Beautiful stuff? Thanks a lot.

I would also like to underline, that the project is demanding in reguard of processing power. I especially adress there issues throuout the tutorials, using numerous of simplification techniques to speed up the workflow

I don’t know PFTrack. I’ll have a look. I’ll try to understand if I can get similar results using Mocha in AE 2019 if and when I get it, or mocha in the current version. Thanks a lot for your answers.

Try native AAE tracking tools – they provide quite decent results