City Professionals

City Professionals

This animated City Professionals kit is specially made for promo videos and animation movies. You can use this animation in gas station, temple, mosque, church, prison, post office, police station, circus, city house, skyscraper, apartment, cinema, park, bank, restaurant, winter scene and other related scene.
The folder contains the Template files for CS5.5 and higher versions. Main Key Points of project are as follows:-

Main features:

• Elements created with Shape Layers
Each scenes and elements can be individually color control
• 100% Resizable
• Expression Universalizer
• No plugins required
• Works with After Effects CS5.5, CS6 and higher
• Fully and easily customizable
• Each scenes are created in 1980×1080 resolution
38 Premade Animated Scene, 22 Rigged Character, 11 People Doing Things, 27 Shops and Buildings, 20 Vehicles and Transport, 9 City Extras Buildings, 31 Other City Elements

• Easily adjust key frame Time
• Works for all language of after effects
• Easy Color Changing control
• Music are not included

Project contains:

38 Premade Animated scenes
22 Rigged Character Air Hostess, Barber, Beautician, Business Man, Business Woman, Chef, Construction Worker, Corporate Man, Corporate Woman, Delivery Boy, Doctor, Female Doctor, Fire Man, Joker, Judge, Nurse, Pilot, Police Man, Post Man, Prisoner, Santa Claus, Teacher
11 People Doing Things Business Deal, Corporate Man Walk Cycle, Delivery Boy on Scooter, Delivery Boy Walkcycle with Boxes, Doctor Checking Patient, Juggling Joker, Postman on Bicycle, Prisoner with Police Man, Santa Carrying Cart, Santa Saying Hi, Teacher Taking Class
27 Shops and Buildings Bakery Shop, Bank Building, Barber Shop, Book Shop, Boutique Shop, Circus Tent, Civil Court, Coffee Shop, College, Fashion Store, Flower Shop, Gas Station (Petrol Pump), Hospital, Hotel, Industrial Factory, Medieval Cathedral (Church), Mini Restaurant, Mosque (Masjid), Police Station, Post Office, Prison, Restaurant, School, Super Market, Temple (Mandir), Theatre (Cinema), Vegetable Shop
20 Vehicles and Transport Air Plane (2 version), Ambulance, Bicycle, Bike, Car (2 version), City Bus, Crane, Delivery Truck, Dump Truck, Fire Truck, Helicopter, Ice Cream Truck, Pickup Truck, Police Car, School Bus, Scooty, Tanker Truck, Taxi
9 City Extras Buildings City Building (3 version), House (2 version), Skyscraper (4 version),
31 Other City Elements City Fountain, Coconut Tree, Dustbin, Ferris wheel, Fire Fighter Water Pipe, Moon, Park Bench (3 version), Playground Kids Slide, Playground Swing, Post Box, Road Light (5 version), Road Sign (3 version), Shopping Cart, Signal Light (2 version), Street Light (2 version), Street Sign, Sun, Traffic Cone, Tree (2 version), Under Construction Sign
First Half
Second Half