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Thanks TommySword

Beautiful work !!

Thanks nukefx

Nice work!!!

Good luck with sales!

Thanks Elmake

Good project ! Wish you many sales ! :)

Thanks MaioKnop

very cool work ! ;)

Thanks EricProchnow

Thanks HedyGraphics

Like it! Very nice work! :)

Thanks byDimas

is it After effects or all of it is prerendered. can i edit? change elements? colors?

No – you are not here to change the elements,

ohh no? Its a site for creative people, so anyone can create something of his looks great but If i cant use it for my needs and change layers its useless!!!! Thanks anyway.

hello, I just purchased it and it dosent open, I have AECS6, and havent had any problems opening projects from videohive before. Can you please help me

Write the address I send you the file for CS6 (or to me Thank you very much