Discussion on CINEPUNCH I Biggest Bundle of Premiere Pro Effects & Tool Packs for Video Creators

Discussion on CINEPUNCH I Biggest Bundle of Premiere Pro Effects & Tool Packs for Video Creators

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dglspl Purchased

Is there a way to use DISRUPTION inside of Premiere Pro? I don’t see that specific instruction video anywhere.

Hello, The toolkit itself is for After Effects only. Not Premiere Pro. However, you can download and import the Disruption overlays pack and import the Disruption Glitch Overlays Pack into premiere pro.

Let me know if that helps and I you have any other questions. Thank you!


kmra2020 Purchased

Hello Team

I am interested to buy this product “CINEPUNCH I Biggest Bundle”. I need it for my youtube channel. Could you answer my below questions before I order this?

1) I have “Adobe Premier Pro 2023” Version. Do I need “After Effect” to use this product elements?

2) Is it work for both windows & Mac OS?

3) Can I use these product template multiple times in my YouTube videos?

4) Is any limitation with template used for Regular and Extended licenses?

5) I have 2 YouTube channels. Do I need separate license for each YouTube channel?

6) Is it once purchase product or yearly subscription?



Hello there! So, color is not only a matter of taste, but a matter of how it works for you film, show, video…etc. My goto is usually Pro Pack and Commercial pop. I say give those a try if you want some nice color pop, contracts and curves. Thank you my friend!


kmra2020 Purchased

Hello, I used those luts with some color correction. it works. Thank you

Fantastic! My pleasure. I’m always here to help you. Thank you!

Hi, I mainly do YouTube Shorts and TikTok. Is there an easy way to adjust the Cinepunch Transitions 5.0 to handle Vertical mode?

Hello! Absolutely. So, all you want to do is go to the folder that says “Change Resolution” and change the sequence settings to 1080X1080 or 1080X1920 or whatever you need. So if you watch this tutorial here:

At minute 3:20 it will demonstrate this.

Also, if you contact me via my profile:

I will have a pre-release Beta in a few days you can try of what will be the next CINEPUNCH tool added when ready. TransitionPunch plugin extension which will automate everything. :)

Thanks a mill!

My pleasure! I’m always here to help! Thank you so much!

can i use the sounds of cinepunch pack in my youtube channels without copywrite ?

Hello! Absolutely you can use on your YouTube channel for as any videos as you want. Unlimited Use. No copyright issues. That is also with all the FX. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions! Thank you!

Hi, I just purchased CINEPUNCH. I am running on Windows 11 and have Premiere Pro 2023. I tried to install The LUTMASTER preset following your video. After importing the correct preset from the “3.CC 2019 & ABOVE” folder, the preset does install, after a while, and seems to be functional. However, if I exit out of Premiere and then re-open it, the preset is not there.

Quick question, do I have to install the ”.cube” files prior to importing the preset? If so, the video that describes the .cube file copy process, shows all of the cube files in a single directory which are then copied to the “Adobe Premiere Pro 2023\Lumetri\LUTs\Creative” folder. The current LUTMASTER directory has all the cube files in many different folders (unlike the video). Do I copy all the folders and paste those into the creative folder?

Either way I need to understand why the LUTMASTER preset is not present after a Premiere exit and restart. Thanks in advance for any assistance

Also, it might be that a simple reboot, after you have reset preferences does the trick. Here is a bit more on Adobe and missing presets after re-opening.

Hi I’m on a Windows PC running Windows 11. I am also running Norton 360 (with no issues/findings reported in the logs)

I tried the following.

Start Premiere.

Created MY OWN Presets Bin.

Applied a LUT that comes stock with Premiere.

Edited some settings and then saved as a preset.

Placed the Preset in my newly created preset bin.

Exited Premiere and then restarted.

My new Presets bin was there with the edited LUT.

Exported my newly created Presets bin.

Deleted the bin and exited Premiere.

Reopened Premiere and imported my new preset.

Exited and restarted Premiere.

My Preset bin was MISSING. Clearly this is an issue with the import process of Premiere.

Rebooted and imported the LUTMASTER preset again.

Exit premiere and restart.


I tried to import with Antivirus disabled. Same result.

I will look into the uninstalled (clean tool) as time permits. Since this requires a reinstall of all 3rd party tools etc., I’ll need to test at a time I can allow for this additional down time.

Thanks for all your timely support.

Hello! My pleasure to help any way I can. I’m wondering what on your system could be doing this. Let me know if the Cleaner Tool works. In research that thread seemed potentially helpful. I know I had you try a few things in that thread such as delete preference file, and clean cache.

In the meantime, I have another preset file I created on my end. If you contact me via my profile page I can send you a link to test. Likely it will still happen since it happened when you created your own file. But we can try.

Also, in doing more research I came across this thread as well. It may be that your Premiere Pro “Customs Effects and Presets” file is actually corrupt.

When you get a chance contact me at my page and I can send you an updated version.

Thank you my friend!

Hello. I imported Transition Punch 5.0 into Premiere like the tutorial video says. When I do, every link to every effect is broken. It is looking for Dropbox but not finding it. I can’t relink because I don’t have the path. Can you help?

Hello again, Happy to help with that. So, if the Audio os offline on your system – when the offline box pops up in Premiere Pro, select the CINEPUNCH folder, TransitionsPunch 5.0 folder and hit search. It will find the first audio file. Hit okay and it will reconnect everything.

Here is a quick video on that:

Also, Almost finished with a Beta TransitionPunch Plugin extension that will be in the next update. Everything will be automated. :)

Got it. Your instructions worked. Thank you.

My pleasure! Anytime my friend! I’m always here to help!

I installed the extension in Premiere “CINEPUNCH Cinepacks Library”. When I look through the effects and go to download one I get this message, “reqlib can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.” It says to contact the developer. This means I can’t download any effect. Can you help?

Also, just to note, regarding Apple security, you need to grant permission for Adobe on your Mac. Here is the steps for that.

Thank you!

I followed the steps to grant permission and it worked. Thank you so much. I learned that MacOS only allows you to use software that has been signed properly by Apple Certificates, from a “double click”. If you right click on the software and open it, it deems that a “manual override”. As in, “I am sure I want to open this and I don’t care what you say”. So that’s what I did and it’s working.

Hello! Fantastic! So happy that worked. I knew was some type of firewall. It hit me about Apple securities after me first reply. Also, just to note, you can always access the UHD full packs via the PDF as well.

Happy to hear everything worked! I’m always here to help for anything you need.

Thank you my friend!

Iuse Adobe 2023! I downloaded cinepunch but, i can’t import the file to the premiere….. it says it doesn’t apply to this version,, How can I get help ,,, help me please

My pleasure to help!

So, have you watched the TransitionPunch overview? Because the tutorial goes over these pointers.

So, can you watch this quick and confirm you are following the right steps.

Thank you for your help!!!!! I finally solved it!!!!! Thanks :) Effects are really cool!!

Awesome! Always here to help! Thank you my friend!


camrad Purchased

Hi! I have Adobe Premiere 2023 and want to install Lutmaster. Everything works, but when I open the project again Latmaster disappears. How can you help?

Hello, So sorry to hear that. So, it will be a likely bug with adobe 2023. The preset file is just the file. if the application is deleting that file that there is likely a 2023 bug. Have you tried a re-install of Premiere?


camrad Purchased

I haven’t tried it but I will tomorrow and let you know. I’ve had enough today :-)

Thank you my friend! Let me know if there is anything else you need! And let me know if that works. Thank you so much!

Very cool!

Thank you!

There is an error when opening the file (the legacy titler is no longer suppoted. premiere pro will convert each legacty title into a source graphic and all timeline instances will be replaced.)

Hello, Happy to help. So, I need a bit more info. What tool or pack are you trying to use specifically because there is no Premiere Pro title packs or titles at all. So, not sure where this would occur. So, I would ignore this since it is likely just opening on older Premiere Pro. project file that was saved with earlier versions. So you can just bypass that since there is no titles for Premiere Pro. Thank you

If “Avada is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes. It does Everything!” ( Collis Ta’eed ) – Your work is Swiss Army Knife for video elements! :D

Super amazing item! 8)

HA! That is great! Thank you so much my friend! I truly appreciate that! :)

Amazing colors! Awesome animation! This is a professional approach! It’s so inspiring! Just like you, I work on quality and there are always new tracks in my portfolio! Come visit my page for inspiration! GOOD SALES TO YOU!

Thank you so much my friend! :)

PowerFull Job ;)

Thank you so much!

question what is the difference between the two license?

Hello! Happy to help with that. So, both licenses are unlimited use on everything. Extended license if you are using for movies, shows that are generating profit revenues. Regular is for everything else, like client projects, YouTube channels, YouTube videos, commercials…etc Unlimited use on both and all new updates and new add ons are always free. Hope this helps. Please reach out if you have any other questions. Thank you!

When is it coming back on sale again? Last time I didn’t have the money.

Hello! Happy to help! So there is no difference except that they are showcased in different categories, one in Premiere Pro page, and one for After Effects since the suite caters and has tools for both applications. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions my friend! I’m always here to help! Thank you!

Okay! Thanks.

Is $59 a one-time payment?

This is probably the final question I’ll ask before I buy.

Anytime! Yes, just one-time payment. You do not have to buy again. Unlimited use on all the tools and packs. And the same with all new updates, tools and packs. And of course reach out any time for any help you need or if you have any questions. I’m always here for you! Thank you so much!

Hi, what happens if i change to a new PC? Can i install the Pack again or do I need to buy a new licence. Thing ist, in a month i should be getting a new system and am wondering if I should wait with the install. Thank you!

Hello! You will be good to go! You could install on multiple systems if you need. Let me know if that helps. New Tool update coming soon! :). Reach out if there is anything else you need my friend! Thank you!

I bought this item at the time on impulse but never used it

and currently I started messing with davinci resolve (I don’t have premiere), that is, this item became unusable for me, and I never got to actually use it…

Is it possible to exchange this license for that of Davinci Resolve? Or get some refund, or some discount?

Would you help me?

Hello! Of course! Happy to help any way I can. Could you contact me via my profile page when you get a chance:

Thank you so much!

Hi, I am having trouble viewing the VFX suite in the essential graphic in after Effects anything I can do to make sure I covered all bases?

Hello! I’m happy to help with whatever you need.

Could you give me a bit more information on what tools or packs you are using in the suite. So out of all the different tools and packs in the suite there is no after effects graphics panel. There are the AE Toolkits for Disruption & Filmmaker VFX Suite. But not essential graphics panels so much. You can also email me via my profile: That way I can better help you on whatever you need. Thank you so much!

When I add the transition clip over the video on the timeline, the word transitions show on the transition clip and I don’t know how to remove it or show my clip. Can you help me?

Hello! Of course! Happy to help! So let’s try a few things to make sure all is setup properly in your timeline.

Make sure you have Overwrite Sequences turned on.

Right click on the V1 in the timeline and select “Default Source Assignment”. Then you want to unhighlight V1.

If you can go to the 2 minute mark in this video:

It will show what you want to do in Premiere Pro.

This should fix everything.

Let me know if this helps and if there is anything you need. I’m always here to help! Thank you so much!


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