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Hi there, I have bought the Adobe version and I needed this version for Final Cut Pro. What can I do?

Hello! Happy to help you get squared away with fixing that! Can you email me via my profile: Thank you!

Please contact me Idk how to reach you through your profile

I deleted the failed downloads & my entire disk utility is full please help

Hello! So, the initial download of CINEPUNCH will contain TransitionPunch Transitions, Filmmaker Film Plugin, Disruption Glitch Plugin, Filmmaker Film Generator, LeakPunch Generator, and LUTMASTER Pro Color Grade LUT Plugin. And this will be about 5GB.

The Big Packs, which are all the different 4K, 6K, 8K Elements and Sound Packs are 200GB. However, you do not need to download all the Big Packs if you do not need to. There is also the Online Catalogue whereas you can download single file elements from all the Element Big Packs.

Hope this helps.  Please reach out if there is anything else you need.  Thank you!

Oh wow! I didnt know that

Where’s the online catalogue?

Yeah, there is a ton of Packs available. And again, you can download them all, or only what you may need for the work you are doing. So, inside the main CINEPUNCH folder you will 7.CINEPUNCH Video Add-Ons Catalogue. There you get your access link to the online catalogue of the Big Packs. There you can access the different Big Packs and download at a variety of resolutions. :)

I have an older iMac and a older version of Final Cut Pro what version works with this pack?

I see in the comments

Hello! Happy to help! As long as you are running Final Cut Pro X 10.4.5 or above, all will be good! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Thank you!

Hi, is this package works on M1 chips?

Hello! Yes, the Plugins and packs will work fine on all new M1 chips in FCPX. Please reach out if you have any other questions my friend! Thank you!


daita88 Purchased

Hello, I just purchased the CINEPUNCH (FCPX BUNDLE) on safari and it will not let me download it. Does it take awhile to download im guessing? Please help!


daita88 Purchased

I look at my downloads and it is saying “Cannot create file”. Where can I send you a direct message so I can resolve this and send you some pictures of what I see?


daita88 Purchased

I see there is a .pdf file, a license file and the main file. I tried all three. There is nothing else I can do. I have Final Cut Pro 10.5.1

Hello! Happy to help! Do you mind emailing me a screen shot? at Thank you so much!

Hi, I see you have updated on the 22nd of December 2020. I can’t find an update ReadMe, in the download. I would like to easily understand what has been updated. Do you have an update ReadMe? If not, what has been updated? Thanks, Doug

Hi Doug! So, that last update was just a modification on the backend of CINEPUNCH. No, fixes or tools update. The next pack update will be coming soon, and that will be a pack titled FUMED. It will contain Fuel, fume, fire, explosion simulations. When the next update occurs you will get a notification from Videohive stating that CINEPUNCH update has been issued. I will have the latest update towards the top of the main page. Coming soon my friend! Hope this helps! Please reach out if there is anything you need! Happy New Years!

Hi, can I import some Big Packs(like Cinedust) into my Final Cut Interface so that I can preview them like the LUTMASTER. Hope you can help me(:

Hi Levin05, My pleasure! I’m always here to help!

So, I’m not aware of any issues with and of the Plug-Ins inside CINEPUNCH and the new M1 Chip.

When you get the chance would you mind rendering out the clip, or sending me a screenshot and emailing it to me via my profile page:

I have been asked about M1 chip compatibility with CINEPUNCH, and so far, all has been smooth. But the M1 is new, so, I definitely will have my eye on everything. So anything you can send my way, I will be happy to dig into.

Thank you so much!

Great! I will send u a screenshot tomorrow (living in Germany). Thanks for the best support ever seen

Awesome! I will check everything out when you send it over. And thank you so much! Support is most important to me! I want to make sure everyone is happy, and knows Im always here to help in every way!

in the Final Cut version, do the transitions sound the same as on the Premiere Pro, or do you have to put them after that?

Hello! Happy to help! So, the Transitions are completely different between the two programs. Inside Final Cut Pro you need to add the Sound transitions, which are included, but operate from the actual transition.

The transition in Premiere Pro are built in a way where the FX and Sound are nested and linked, and the Transition sits above the footage. Pros to that are Sound FX can link. Cons are you can not really change or expand or compress the duration of the Transition without re-modifying the keyframes.

The Transitions inside Final Cut Pro are built whereas the Sound is operate, but the transitions in placed between two shots and you can expand or compress the transitions by simply stretching.

Hope this helps. Please reach out if you have any other questions! Thank you!

Is Cinepunch compatible with FCP 10.5.1 and Big Sur?

Hello! Yes, all the plugins in the bundle have been tested in 10.5.1 and Big Sur, as well as new M1 chips. Hope this helps! Please reach out if you have any other questions! Thank you!

Hi, i recently bought this but need your help on a few things? Do you have an email address?

Hello! Of course! I’m always here to help! So, if you go to the profile page:

On the right hand side you will see the emailer.

Let me know how I can help.

Thank you my friend!


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