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Thanks Paulo :)

An Excellent work! :-)

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looks stunning!)

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That’s nice! Good luck!

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Thanks Eric :)

Very nice and stylish work. Congrats


Thanks signs09

Very good project :)

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Impressive work, Orhan!

Thanks Wayman. Respect.

Considering a purchase. Question, can the scenes be easily rearranged? I have what you might call Titles, with bullets under them. Would want bullets the same. I’m guessing changing the order is easy?

Just purchased. Really like this but, it would have been nice if the template included the text like in the preview and not just Text 1, Text 2 (same size, same line). Can I get a copy like the video you show? The only one that looks like the video you show on Video Hive is Text 3. Now I have to format all the text. Don’t mind all the blank placeholders, that doesn’t matter.

I also sent you an email regarding the text issue but have gotten no response. Your advertised project shows the font formatted like a graphic designer would do it. But when I purchased the project the text was all the same. Example: Text 1, Text 2 . . . exactly like that. If you advertise the project this way, you need to sell it that way. If I don’t get a response today I will be contacting support for a refund. Other than the text issue, I love the template. But I am not a graphic designer.

Got my response and my updated project file. Thank you for getting this to me!

You’re welcome

It’s eyes catching, it’s perfect for action movies :-) Good work!

Thanks man :)

I am trying to figure out how many video clips fit in here – it says 15 in the description, but as I am watching it, it looks like 18 – are some of them repeated? Can you please confirm so I can figure out if this template will work for me? Thanks a ton!

15 image – 20 text standart. But you can copy/paste text or image as you wish. You can replicate. Depending on your request.

Ok thank you = I appreciate it – that is what I was asking for – so the demo video that you have on the listing has 20 text placeholders, not 18? I must have mis-counted if so – can you please confirm what the demo is displaying? Thank you!

2 Intro text – 18 Name text. Total 20 text holders included. Maybe you can use copy/paste increase.

can we have a 5.5 version

Great project! I have released a song on audiojungle that may perfectly suit this template: Epic Cinematic Trailer. Try it to give a new feel to the video! :)

Looks great!! What font is that?

Harika is cikarmissiniz .