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Is this project scalable?

Yes it is. Just pre-compose main composition and adjust it’s size. Down-scaling is Ok, but Up-scaling is not recommended, as all footage is raster 1920×1080, so scaling them up might introduce some visual artifacts.

What about audio? Can I add musical background and still maintain audio effects?

Yes you can. You can add any musical background and still maintain audio effects. Audio FX track is rendered into one single stereo stream and is 48KHz, 16-bit.

Are dust and debris rendered into one single file?

No. They are separate video tracks. To be more specific, there are two Dust Hits, two Falling Dust, welding and debris separate pretenders for you to use.

Can I add more titles?

Indeed you can. For that you’ll need some After Effects experience.

Can I make logo more thicker?

Yes you can. You can also make it thinner as well. All you have to do, is duplicate layer called “01 Logo”, that is nested in composition “Logo 3D”. And that’s it – no need to move it in Z space, as Z position is automatically adjusted via script.

What render passes come along with Main Animation?

There are few render passes that make up main animation: 1. Main – it’s the RGBA render of light characters with alpha channel, 2. Ambient Occlusion, 3. Shadow, 4. Light Buffer – a Luma channel for beam (visible light)

Can you assist me in this projects? I am not that qualified to make changes to the project.

Sure, no problem at all. I’ll help you out with whatever you need for this project. Just contact me via my profile page.

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