Discussion on Cinematic Space Logo

Discussion on Cinematic Space Logo

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I have a complaint. Today my video is taken down because a company called “Novi Digital” claimed it. USING your work on YouTube is a ticking time bomb. Either ditch this network and find a professional replacement or stop selling on Envato because this is not cool for any content creator.

I also wrote directly to mmaglobal, I will wait for an answer.

I get an ansver -

Hey Lynks,

David here, I’m going over your email, and I’m happy to bring some clarity to this.

While customers are issued a license certificate and purchase code that can be used to help clear copyright claims on YouTube, as an author on AudioJungle, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure any Content ID copyright claims on your licensed music are cleared promptly and professionally.

Should a customer contact you for help clearing any claims, we expect you to assist them and expedite the process to the best of your ability.

I hope I was able to bring some clarity to this!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.

All the best,

Thanks for clarifying!

I’m afraid that Content ID also checks the visual aspects of a video. To quote YouTube guidelines;

Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of audio and visual content that’s been submitted to YouTube by copyright owners.

I apologize, but we won’t be able to assist in this case. It is your responsibility to ensure the items submitted to Envato can be used by customers.

I would encourage you to reach out to Novi Digital Entertainment India, as it seems they have submitted a copyright claim for your work.

I’d also like to recommend going over this guide;

You can use the mentioned guide to dispute a Content ID claim; I believe your customer will need to do this, but it might be a good idea to work on this with the customer.

I trust this isn’t the answer you’d hoped for, but I hope it adds clarity moving forward.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I find your intro very interesting but I hope you also sell YouTube video elements such as lowerthirds, text (quotes), end screen etc. The reason why I am asking is when I buy from different sellers the styles are different. Every creator has his own style.

Looking forward to your response.

Hello, thank you for your purchase and review. My main specialty is 3D and cinematic video, I do not create video elements such as lower thirds, text (quotes), end screen, etc.

Hello, Would you be able to do a boy version instead of girl? I am hoping it stays similar pricing as rest of the project can remain same! Thanks!

Hello! No, it will be costed about 100$ to shoot a new person instead my girl.

Hello, Great Project, I need 4K version, is available? Thanky

Hello, thank you. Yes i can make 4K version for you it will be costed about 125$

can you create a version without logo? Can I move the jellyfish in the background?

Yes you can, tell my your e-mail i will send you preview of your project

You are welcome! Chek your e-mail

Hello i am trying to take out the jelly fish and the human but it doesn’t let me. I saw in the comments that you said that we can could take them out but how can i take them out if its already pre-rendered in the footage?

Hi! Thfnk you for purchasing! Just tirn on layers68 and 71 and tourn off layer 12.

Hello there! Great video you’ve made. But I have a major problem. I saw in these comments that you could turn the woman layer off (So I purchased it) but that doesn’t seem to be possible from where I’m looking. My guess is that you can turn her off IF you have Element- which I do not. Can you help me out here please. Many thanks!

Ready, i answered on your question and send you image.

The creator of this template has went above and beyond to solve the issue I was having. Incredible service and incredible template. Many thanks again!

You are welcome!

Hi! Is it possible to remove the lady layer from the AE file? Thanks!

Hi! Of course, you can turn off the layer.

Thanks for your quick response!!!

You are welcome!


I’m trying to edit the file. After opening in Afte Effects cc2018 the following message appears: This project contains a reference to a missing effect. Install the following effect to restore this reference. “Element”. Can you send me the complete file by email? Then comes this message: 15 files are no longer available since the last saving of the project !

Hi, thank you for purchase! Just download project ZIP file again from Envato. Then open Cinematic Space Logo (CC (15)) file. After that come to composition named Source – it doesn’t require Element 3D.

Hello, I have downloaded the zip file again, but the same messages are displayed as before in the cc15 file. The effect element is missing as well as 15 files since the last save of the project. and now? when could I get the full file?

Check e-mail please

Hello, thank you for your creation. When I open the project, I have a locked message that can not be edited, and 11 files are missing. Should you buy Element 3D V2.0 the problem come from this? Thanks for your help. cordially Philippe

Hello, thank you for your reply. I use After Effect CC2018 version 15.12 (Build69) Thank you

Tell me your email. I will send you another version of the project

Beautiful!! Can i erase a jellyfish and humen in project?

Thank you! Yes, you can do that

Friend wish a good mood, a lot of sales! :)

Thank you, man!

Hello, just add your logo in composition called YOUR LOGO and delete previously logo into this composition. Like this: Or i can customize your project, contact my per email –

if i were to buy this how would i change the logo

Hello, just add your logo in composition called YOUR LOGO and delete previously logo into this composition. Like this: Or i can customize your project, contact my per email –

Very nice i add my logo

I can add your logo in project, send my your logo per email –

Pleas share your whats app number and check your email

Just want to add that the customer support on this project was a 10 out of 10 and response times was fantastic. “LynksAndBear” went above and beyond in aiding me with some of the requests I had that other user on Envato fail to do. Thank-you!

Thanks for the feedback!

how customizable is this project.? Can I take elements away, like the flying jellyfish

Yes, it is open project, Inside you can see all layers with settings. I can send you screenshot of all layers in this project. Jellyfish is pre render leayer, you can take his in your project but you can not change the animation. Other parameters like color you can. If you need jellyfish animation – i can create this, like freelance job

So cool … I had to snag a copy. Excellent work!

ThanX, dude!

If you have any questions – just tell me

Looks great!!! :) very beautiful !!!

Thank you, Diamond!

Very fresh idea! Bravo!

Thank you, dude!


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