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Friend, I wish you constant inspiration and more sales! :)

Hi, looks nice. Question: does it work if different dimensions than 1920×1080?

Initially, the project was made to dimensions of 1920×1080, but you can specify your size on export

Very cool work !

I have a desktop pc with 16Gb ddr4 3200mhz ram 4 core I7 7700K and a gtx 1080 somehow this took 3+ hours to render can u help me? (1080p 60fps render btw)

Hi. this is normal. since the project contains many nested compositions. similar projects can take even more time. plays a role of CPU utilization during rendering (it is advisable not to use browsers and other programs). so in your case also FPS. 60 frames require twice as much time to render

is a very bad template, difficult to edit, is edited in after and premiere, very complacent, I lost my money I do not recommend it, very bad template and a deception, it is not easy

I’m sorry that you can not set up with an 11 minute video tutorial. And it is not necessary to change any settings. They are created for flexibility. With standard settings you will get the result as in the preview

I’m sorry, but I’m very sorry but I paid 25 dollars for something that is not well explained, I bought a template for premiere pro and not for after, I was surprised when I downloaded the template and there was no file for premiere, in the downloaded files only comes a file for after, that is cheating, that is a deception of you since it says that it is for premiere and in reality it is not like that, I am very disconnected, in the description you must be very clear and say that it is for after and not for premiere

Hello, just purchased your product, but glare 1 and glare 2 are missing in the project making it useless, can you help?

I found them… I imported them separate.. weird how that happened..

Hi! It was really strange. I hope there will be no more problems

please mention clearly when you sell some thing what software is required like adobe Cs 6 or more.This will help decide by people who do not have the basic soft ware required to edit this template. Also clarify if this comes with music or not.

1. In the description, it is written in bold which version is required 2. All templates on this site do not include music.

impossible to use, links on the turtotial arent on the downloaded file..

Hi! What links do you mean?

I really hope to buy this, It DOES INDEED “LOOK like it works”...

but “does it WORK like it looks” ... ?

Couple questions here… I have many many times bought templates like this and found out they are not easily edited… so, before I buy I would like to have some info here:

1- I filmed in 4k Can this scale UP to 4K “without major problems” meaning, when I change the size am I going to edit 2 settings and done, or, am I going to be messing with every frame and animation layer for hours?

2- This says PREMIERE and has the premiere logo on it. Why? Is this AFTERFX or is it PREMIERE? If the whole project is IN AfterFx, then thats not premiere… please clarify. (I am fully aware of path from Pr to Ae, I want to know what this is built in)

3- I have VIDEO footage I want to use, (not still images). So, am I going to be able to replace the images with my PROXY video footage IN PREMIERE using my BIN? Or… is this all done with jpgs/images in AfterFX? Meaning: it this going to take me hours to customize… or minutes?

Because… if you did this in AfterFX then my PROXIES are not going to work when I export and that means this will take days to mess with… (see why listing premiere means something? I use the proxy feature, no way to workflow that across Ae+Pr)

4- Most importantly: Are all the layers LINKED SYMBOLS that allow me to replace 1 source file and have all the images change, or, will I need to get into each layer and replace the images?

I got an idea… Can you put a video up showing you changing the settings, swapping out the images and altering the size? I want to see where/how Premiere is involved in this template… (because this whole thing ‘could be done’ in premiere without AfterFX and that’s what I want)

I would like to “see” what you got nested in here… (I am not in the mood to mess with 100+ adjustment and animation layers in Afterfx)

Thank you for your consideration and understanding me being a careful consumer.

Caveat Emptor, right? Cheers

there is no instruction how to use this in promiere pro. i am not able to add any photo…

Archive has two video. One of them for premiere Pro

Can this be used with premiere pro cc 2019 and after effects 2019? It says only compatible with an earlier version and unsure before I send the $ if it can be used with more recent types. Thanks

Hi there , I’m using premier cc2018 and AE cc2017 , when I opened graphic template in premier and drag the file into sequence it gave me “after effect 15.0 should be installed ?!!? What to do ? I’m using AE cc2017 and I built the graphic template on it and everything was ok , so what is that ?

I think I found why that happened hhhh I will let you know if I have any issue …

Hi again , it’s didnt work I update my after effect version to cc2019 v16.0 and still telling me install v15.0 for graphics template in premier ?? What I can do now ?

Ok. I figured it out. To work in Premiere Pro CC2018, you need to install After Effects CC2018. This is said in the project description.

Thanx , i open it in cc2019 , but it takes for ever to export video!!!! It’s encoding since more than 12 hours ?!!

On my PC (i5-4430/8GB), the render time for this project was 4 hours. On laptops, the time can significantly increase, since there are quite different technologies for creating CPU

This is clearly an After Effects project. So why are you selling it like it is comptable with both Première and After Effects?

Hello, I have just made the purchase and I don’t understand how to use it without going through After Effect. Thank you for giving me the instructions. If I need to use after effect then I would like to get a refund because it is not clearly indicated and I have no basis in after effect. so your package is of no use to me. thank you

is it possible to change the still image for videos? Also is it possible to extend the time between the transitions so it shows the image/video a bit longs?

for video – yes. for change duration – you need above-average After Effects knowledge, then you can change the speed yourself.

Hello, I have followed the video instructions and all goes well until I get to PREMIERE – in the ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC – and try to drag the MOGRT file over to the timeline – it keeps telling me the file is CORRUPT. I have repeated the steps 6 times with the same outcome. Any thoughts?

FYI – Im using adobe 2020 for both Premiere and AE

Hi! I checked it in my AE / PP 2020 – no errors. Try to specify a different (shorter for Premiere Pro file) path. For example, “D: \ newfolder\new.prproj”. It seems that this is a bug of new versions. If the problem persists then try the 2019 version or write me an email, I will try to help you

I saved both mogrt & prproj file directly on my C: and it gave NO error. That’s some Windows bullshit for ya! Thank for replying and for the solution!! Cant wait to get this video trailer up and running!!!

I want a refund. Just purchased it. It is misleading. This isn’t a Premier template as categorized.

Hi! It is a pity that it did not suit you. You can make a refund here: