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Very nice work!

Thank you, 7Roads! :)

Thank you, RockRobin! :)

Very nice work!

Thank you, adeserdo! :)

Looks is great! +

Thank you, Dmitriy! :)

Thank you, AS_100! :)

Thank you, Eric! :)

Well done! My congratulations ;)

Thank you, Dimas! :)

Excellent Opener! Best quality :)

Thank you very much, PegasusMusicStudio! :)

The best slideshow ever )

Thank you for buying it and I’m glad that you liked the work. :)


first of, great job! I have presales questions please. - is it possible to use it without lines/bullets effect - the 2 black slides (start – end) are they editable (change of bg color for example) - can I modifie duration or is it too tricky


Hi, This template has a modular structure and can move all the scenes you want or turn off their visibility. Duration of each scene can be increased by 2 sec, but if you want I can edit the template for you. The background color can be changed. If you have questions, please contact.

Hi! First of all, great work. Thumbs up! Is there an easy way to customise the length of each slide? I have some video files that are 20+ secs long, others only 4. I have tried to edit some of the comps, but could not figure it out :(. Thank you very much for your help!

Hi, thanks for evaluating the project. A simple way to adjust the length of each slide was not, but I tried and made it very simple. But, maximum duration of the slide, I set a maximum of 20 seconds. You can download the updated project for free. If you have any questions, please contact.

Here is a quick tutorial https://www.dropbox.com/s/zfvf9xknoke5frw/Tutor_x264.mov?dl=0

Just purchased. amazing work. Quality is superb.

Thank you very much, Zolard! :) I’m glad that you liked the project! :)