Discussion on LUTs Color Presets Pack | Cinematic Looks - Final Cut

Discussion on LUTs Color Presets Pack | Cinematic Looks - Final Cut

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Hi, can I see a tutorial of how to install this and use it in PR2022

Hello good morning, there are some ways to use these LUTs in various programs in the .cube extension.

This Adobe guide teaches you how to use:


Your demo video show reel showing it is for premier . I use Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5, will it work?

I sent an email to your ID as you said previous comments ( ). If the e-mail ID is not correct or needs to sand to another ID: please let me know.

My observational review, the ( .cube ) extension is not good for preview.showing as default for FCP. The files need with extension ( .cboard ) . You have many colour variations, most are repeated. During editing, one by one checking, and or looking PDF are not useful. It will kill our time and interest as well. We can create a Color Plate (in FCP Pannel), for making easy and quick our work, we bought it.

Please send the files with ( .cboard ) or updates. My quick feedback, your 1300 plates, are attractive offers, but I think fewer numbers with real ‘FilmLook’ are good for the quality. As a result, the users will happy to use, however you will be able to make good sales. Looking for your support to get real files with ( .cboard ), or similar type of product, even fewer colour plates. ( we need to sometimes change/ edit the tone as a need for video )

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. Our suporter is trying to find a way to pass the .cube files without losing quality to .cboard. We want to explain that we made our luts in this format .cube which is a universal format of Color standard, so it can be used in several video editing software (Davince Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Avid and others).

The vast majority of luts of the various companies that work with correction produce Luts like this. Regarding the quality of the Luts, I have been in the post-production market for over 10 years, we have already finished several films and series, and most of the luts included in this package came from this experience. The luts variations are for fine adjustment. This comes from our experience as we wanted to anticipate these adjustments for our buyers. Kind regards.

I understand. I need to preview before implement like a general. Without preview, it very hard to use correct preset within a short time (Quickly). Please send the files with ( .cboard ). I must need to see a quick preview, retouch/ or adjustment functions.

this LUTs pack is totally not user-friendly! You can only drag a effect called ‘Custom Luts’ and have to choose the luts in folder. All the names of the Luts are numbers. So you can’t preview the Luts directly in Final Cut Pro X. There are hundreds of luts there, it means you have to click hundred times to see how the Luts look like on your video!!! very time-consuming

Hi MR. First of all thank you very much for buying our item, we dedicate a lot of time and technique to deliver a quality product to our buyers and we always hope that they have the best experience possible when using it. We have worked for over 10 years in the post-production market with the main Editing and Finishing and Finishing Programs, Programs like: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, After Effects, Davince resolves and others, none of which has the ability to preview luts natively for free , for that you would have to buy other third party applications to have this preview. And in the case of Final Cut there are some options on the market, but all are paid for.

Hi, it was a bit confusing for us on how we could add all of the luts/cube files at once? So we could choose and switch directly in the program.

First of all, thank you for purchasing our product. Unfortunately, due to the limitation of Final Cut, we cannot load all Luts.

Does it work on FCPX 10.3.2?

Compatible with For Final Cut X 10.4 and above.

Hi I accidentally bought the Premiere pack instead of the FCP X pack, is there a way of getting sent the FCP X pack?

Hello, contact us by email to resolve this, have a nice day!

Email sent thank you.

Does this include cube files? I use Filmora and would need cube files to be compatible.

Hi mr. Aron, includes yes cube files.

Fantastic pack buddy!!! Happy sales!! ;)

Thank you very much!


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