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Nicely done!

Great work!

Really Great Work!

Looks very good!


these look amazing. Quick question though. Will this project work with a multicolored logo? I can send to you via email if youd be able to let me know.

Hello! Will work. This can be seen in the example of the logo “Envato”. The first example in the video preview.

You can send me your logo on the email. I will send you a frame to see how it will work with your logo

This is awesome thanks so much! I have bought it, never used AE in my life and already have it up and running so thanks :) Quick question, I’d like to extend the video duration as you have done – start off with a zoomed-in view, and then go to the full view. Is that possible?

Love the program. I have emailed you a question about using the program.

The file “particular” is missing in my download. Would you please send it to me ? Thanks.

Fantastic work! I wish you lot of sales ! ;)